10 Reasons to Start an Online Business Today

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10 reasons to start an online business today

Do you wake up Monday morning and dread going to work? 10 reasons to start an online business todayWhen you get to work do you stare at the clock all day until it’s time to go home? Maybe it’s time for you to make a change in your life? Maybe you need 10 good reasons to start an online business today!

Maybe it’ not the job?

Maybe it’ not the job that you dread but the commute? Maybe you just don’t like leaving your kids? Whatever the reason it can make life a drag and you feeling depressed. We all have to live we all have to support ourselves and our family?

If you are in this predicament you are not alone. Many North Americans are unhappy with their working situation.

More than half say they are completely dissatisfied with their job according to a survey conducted by market information company, “The Conference Board”.

I needed 10 reasons to start an online business today

Honestly, it was not that I hated my job, I had a good paying job and I really loved it! What it really came down to was… I missed my babies. My little girls would cry as I left out the door, holding out their little arms wishing I would come back. Though I had a great babysitter; she was my good friend and she loved kids as well.

I worked five days a week

Five days a week, I would drive to work with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Every day it pulled on my heartstrings and left me feeling sad. My babies faces were all I could think about all day long. It made my work life unpleasant.

My days were ten hours long and I worked out of town so the commute added to my stress. I was plagued with indecision as logical and illogical thoughts entered my mind. “I need to work but my babies needed me home. I should be raising my kids not somebody else.”

Hard to believe luck can be a double-edged sword.

It was a stroke of luck to me when my job announced it was closing its doors. Of course, I was not too upset. I did get a good severance but it took me a while to calm the whirlwind of emotional decision-making. Should I seek another job or stay at home?

My husband and I decided it was best for our little family if I were to stay at home with my little girls. Although we did have to cut back on certain luxuries, it was a wonderful time to be home with them.

Then I had a delightful baby boy and I stayed home until he started grade three. My babies were growing up into independent, lovely people and it was time for me to go back to work.

Since I had no job to go back to, I started searching for something in the field I was working in, but I couldn’t find anything comparable to what I had before. I really didn’t like the jobs I was doing and I could not find anything that satisfied me.

I researched legitimate work I could do online, but there were a lot of scams and hype. It was all about making a fast buck. And after a few bad experiences, I eventually found an opportunity I felt I could trust.

It makes me happy to be at home with my family. I enjoy what I do working from a small office in my home and I don’t have to worry so much about my financial future anymore.

Here are 10 reasons to start an online business

1. You get your Life back so you can start living again. 

Working online takes dedication in the beginning and if you stick to it your successful online business will make money. Eventually, you will have more time to enjoy other things in life.

Things that you love to do but before only had the chance to do them in your spare time. You will actually start to love your life because you will have the opportunity to take a vacation whenever it suits you. You don’t have to worry about taking time off from your job.

2. You can work from anywhere

When you work online all you really need is an internet connection and a laptop and you are ready to go. I choose to work in places that have a lot of nature because I find the surroundings inspire me with new ideas.

You really can’t beat that at a regular job. It’s nice to know that when you travel places you can still check in and check out without worrying about your business.

3. It is not going to cost you a lot of money to get started

If you were to start a business in the brick and mortar world you would have to put up a huge capital. It can be hard to break even in the beginning and sometimes you don’t see a profit for at least three years. You will also spend extra hours getting your new business off the ground. Sometimes you may work as much as 75 hours a week so your business will thrive.

When you start an internet business the cost is much cheaper

True… when you start an internet business the cost is much cheaper and you can start earning money as you are learning how internet marketing works. Once you get all set up you can start making a passive income. It won’t replace your day job but it is a start and only gets better from there.

4. You can automate your internet business

There is nothing like writing a blog or doing a video and having it automated. You could send out your emails and while you are sleeping somewhere else in the world someone could be reading your emails, clicking on your blogs or watching your videos.

Nothing is better than free information of value to someone else. Automation allows this to happen while you are asleep or on holiday. it works for you twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. When you set up the system and the automation allows you more freedom to do what you love.

5. It is a Business that is you own forever

Owning your own business you make your own hours. You are your own boss. You are the writer of your own life, the storyteller of your own book, the boss of your own company.

The harder you work at it the more successful your business will be. You are setting up a business for yourself, a business that you are truly passionate about. It is rewarding knowing you can run your own internet company and you are inspiring others doing the same.

6. The world is on the Internet

Most companies are online now. There are a lot of people connected to the internet and you can reach a lot of them with your business. Many people search for ways of changing their situation and you could be the answer to their problems.

It is the way people live now they rely on the internet you may be someone who can solve their problems in a Google search.

7. You would be owning a piece of the internet

If you owned a shop on a street in a busy city that would be great but really it is only accessible to the people who live near or visit. When you are online you can reach people from all over the world there are no geographic boundaries.

You can reach people with the same interests as you or other entrepreneurs who would like to connect.

8. You control of what you do

This is your business and no one can tell you how to run it. You can get great advice from people but ultimately it is your company to run on your own terms. You are the one building a brand for your business. Whatever you choose to market people will come in flocks if your material is interesting and work hard to make it happen.

9. There is no limit to who can start an internet business

There is no limit to who can start an internet business it is for the young and old. As I stated earlier all you need in a laptop and an internet connection and you can live a “laptop lifestyle” and live on your own terms writing your own paycheck.

10. It is Your Business for life!

Working at a business online you still need to put in the effort every day and of course, this is the key to a successful business. It is the efforts that you put in the beginning that pay off living well in your retirement years.

Your financial rewards are financial freedom without the worry of not receiving enough of a pension. The only one that controls your future is you and once you know how to make an income online it is your paycheck that you earn to create for life.

Here are 10 good reasons to start an online business… and hopefully, they will help you make up your mind on whether the online world of business is for you.

I believe now is the time to jump in and get a spot on the internet highway it will be the best decision you ever made and it will be one you will be thankful for the rest of your life!

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