10 Things You Can Do To Inspire Others

10 Things you can do to inspire others
10 Things you can do to inspire others

I believe we all have a person or a story that inspired us growing up. I can think of many encounters that inspired me throughout my life. It is nice to be the one to inspire people to feel better. I put together 10 things you can do to inspire others. but first, this story touched me, not so long ago while watching the 2014 winter Olympics.

During the winter Olympics in Sochi, a Russian cross-country skier broke his ski during the race. He was caught in his ski, dragging it through the snow to the finish line. A Canadian coach watching who stood among a crowd of onlookers, including Russian coaches, decided to run over and help him. He helped him by taking off the tangled skiers broken ski and then grabbed his spare ski and replaced it in a matter of seconds.

No words said between them.

The Canadian coach wanted the Russian Olympian to cross the line with dignity. I remember thinking about how compassionate and kind this man was for helping out. What a great inspiration to be a coach like this!

1.  Kindness

I was inspired that day with the kindness of the coach. Understanding is something we need more of in this world, it really doesn’t take much to be kind to someone. If we could only take a minute out of our day and do something kind for someone else, our world would be a better place.

2. Courage

What happens when you are feeling cornered? Maybe you said something that was wrong and tried to back it up with something else, and before you know it, you aren’t making sense. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you were wrong about the situation. Especially when you may hold an influential position in a company. Being courageous and apologizing and accepting you were wrong is admirable and will only keep you in your position in the company.

3.  Trustworthy

Trustworthiness is consistently one of the most critical factors in friendships. An example would be with close friendships and with sensitive information. A friend may tell you something very private because she trusts you.  It takes time to build trust but only seconds to destroy it.

Be careful not to get dragged into drama people will see you as untrustworthy and gossipy. If you want to inspire people to be better stay away from conversations that could hurt someone else. Be encouraging and positive.

4. Enthusiasm

It sure feels good to be around someone who is upbeat and always positive and showing that they care about everyone and what they are doing. When you are enthusiastic, it can change a dull project which may be less than exciting have some potential. It also helps with the mood of the room or office space.

5.  Compliment

It is always nice to give a compliment. You could change the way someone is feeling. Compliments go a long way from replacing someone’s mood from sad to feeling happy. In retrospect, it is also nice to get a compliment as it can change your entire day! To be around people who praise your efforts is much appreciated in any situation.

6. Listening

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re discussing something with someone who talks but does very little listening? It is like they don’t hear a word you have to say! You can feel them trying to interrupt your conversation so they can continue to get their point across. The optimum kind of listening is reflective listening this is where in a discussion the person reflects back to what you are saying.

It shows you are listening and it makes the other person feel that their point is worth something.

7.  Motivation

To watch someone push through a challenging situation can give you the inspiration and motivate you to do the same. What motivated them to keep going is something we all have inside. Motivation comes from within and drives you to take action. Motivation gets you off the couch to finish a project. It challenges us to move outside our comfort zone. Motivation is key to completion. It is the drive that keeps you going.

8. Self Confidence

Self Confidence is not egotistical. To be confident in oneself as the dictionary states – as a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. When you feel this way about what you are doing or where you are going in life people around you cannot help but be interested and inspired by your assurance. It just feels better when you feel good about yourself. You were born into this life; you are a wonderful, awesome person put on this earth to create a good life. Trust the universe in this.

9. Positivity

If you are hanging out with negative people, this can be the reason you are depressed, getting into trouble and feeling down. To be continually bombarded with negative and toxic people, leaves you living in fear. Quite often it only takes one positive person to inspire you to change your situation and circumstances to see the light. Positive people are good role models who lift you up and brings back the trueness in your life.  They help you move forward in a better direction where you will find peace and happiness. Positive people could change your life for the better!

10. Compassion

A little healthy challenge is okay, but when you feel like you are always in a race to win it can be exhausting. Let your ego go and have fun! If you lose, don’t be sore and grumpy remember that situations like this show what kind of character you have. Be a good sport and inspire your friends to a friendly game remembering that fun is the word of the game.

What Inspires You? Please leave a comment down below.  Thanks 🙂

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