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5 Ways to Building a Presence Online Doing What You Love

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What if you could take what you are passionate about, turn it into a business venture, and reap the rewards of an entrepreneur? This is what thousands of people are doing now in the digital market. They have decided to dedicate their lives to what they truly are passionate about, sharing it with the online world, and making money doing it. Here are 5 ways to building a presence online doing what you love.

When you are truly passionate about something it is easier to feel inspired and work to achieve great results. 5 Ways to Building a Presence Online Doing What You Love

Start a website or Blog

Start a website they are fairly cheap and easy to set up these days. You can search for a domain name through and set up a cool website with a blog.

The point of the blog is to write about your interests and people can see what you like and subscribe. When you write a blog, it is really just about being you so your personality shines through.

It is nice to know being an internet marketer and expressing yourself you can get paid for it. It is always nice to have internet real estate.

Write a small bio

Write a small bio about yourself and your life. Tell a story about yourself to make it enjoyable. If you have problems writing, is the right place online to get it done for just a few dollars. Send them what you want, and they can write it up for you in a day or two.

What are your hobbies or interests?

Take your time and really think about what you could do creatively maybe something no one else has done. What would you truly love to write about? Where do your passions lie? Your interests could be almost anything from diet and exercise accomplishments to building cool paper airplanes.

Whatever makes you feel good is a good place to start. If you don’t like to write, make a video about it and stick it in between a few words. People love to watch other people do their stuff. You will catch the eye of others that are interested in the same thing. If you really have a problem with writing you can always outsource out to or and it is only a few dollars.

Build a habit

Build a habit where you will blog or make a video every day or at least three times a week. You can put your blogs in interest groups on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other platforms. Eventually, you will have an audience that looks forward to your posts and video every week.

Your audience will start giving you feedback, commenting and liking what you are doing and they may even sign up for your weekly blog. I recommend joining up to other blogs or(guest posting) so you can get an idea how other people blog and you can comment or ask questions.

Get Email Marketing Software

Get email marketing software that allows you to manage your sign-ups when building a mailing list. The service enables you to design email templates. MailChimp is a free service, and you get up to 2000 subscribers at no cost to you. Aweber is another service but will cost you a little bit of money

It is excellent if you want to start sending out promotions or setting up campaigns so your audience can sign up for your email newsletter. There are many mail companies out there where you can set up an email newsletter and offer more information for free on your topic of interest.

I hope these 5 ways to building a presence online doing what you love, helps you immensely. 🙂

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