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Are You A Digital Mom

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What is a Digital Mom?

Are you a digital mom

So, what is a Digital Mom anyway?

My idea of a digital Mom (or Dad) is someone who stays at home with their kids while working on their computer, laptop or tablet. Instead of going out to work a 9 to 5 job Mom is taking some time while their child is napping, making some income from home on the internet.

Working on the internet allows Moms and Dads to stay at home and be with their kids while making a small income online. It is a nice bit of extra cash to pay bills, contribute to a car payment or even take a vacation.

Life can be stressful when you have to rush out the door to your 9 to 5 job especially when you have to say goodbye to your kids. In my case often, I left before they were even awake in the morning. My kids were quite small and although going to work was rewarding I was extremely tired and I missed my family.

What are You Passionate about? What Do You Love to Do?

I believe we all have a purpose on this wonderful planet and it starts with what we are passionate about. Finding something we do really well, something that we would not mind working at every day because we love it so much. This is the kind of job we all need and would love. Maybe you can have it?

Sharing Information with the World

We all have something inside us that we love to do and makes us happy. You get excited thinking about it and you can’t stop talking about it.  Did you know that you could share your knowledge? It could be really valuable to someone else that does not have a clue. You could share your information with videos or podcasts.

Promote other people’s products

Affiliate marketing is an easier way to make money online. What you do is promote other people’s products through an affiliate network and earn a commission.  Promote your affiliate link to a product you feel has something of value.

Are You A Digital Mom??Your life will transform in such a way that makes you happy. Even if you have a job and want to do this on the side that is fine. The way in which you organize and get set up is unique to you and what you want. You can dive in or go at a slower pace it is up to you.

To create a life of freedom on your off time. Building your own business with all that you love will benefit you for years to come. Doing what you love is important and helps move you forward to achieve your goals. Passion is the inspiration in starting your own business so you will succeed!

Are You A Digital Mom?

 This is a Business to Last a Lifetime

I can help you get a website set up with your own name (domain name) and if you need help setting up social platforms I can assist you there too. Everyone has something special inside them. What if you knew the special interest you possess could help others who are clueless?

Remember when starting a business adventure that your results will not be the same as everyone else. It all comes down to how much effort you put into your business and how serious you are about success!

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