Here Are 5 Signs a Relationship is Failing

5 Signs a Relationship is Failing

Do you know these 5 signs your relationship is failing? When your heart and mind are overflowing with an intense craving to be with a certain person you’re in love?

“Love is a state of Being” Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you.” ~Eckhart Tolle

When the person you thought you were in love with starts to change for the worst, you start to question yourself and your life.

How Do I Know if My Relationship is Failing?

If your partner is disrupting everything you stand for, pushing into your life, to change you from your core, duality occurs within yourself. For instance, one is the person you have become and the other the person you use to be.

Over time, your partner’s issues become attached to you. Maybe your mate’s issues are negative thought patterns. All this adds toxicity to your life and eventually, you too become negative minded.

When a Relationship is Failing Life Just Starts to Feel Uncomfortable.

Sadly, feeling negative about life, especially if you were an optimistic person, is one of the signs that a relationship is failing. Somehow you have to find your way back. You were not like this before and it feels uncomfortable to be in the relationship.

Somewhere between the old you and the person you are today you got lost. above all, you missed the signs of the relationship failing. Negative minded people experience an unhappy life. You did not think this way? How did you miss this as being real love? Love yourself first and you will find your way back.

The problem elevates when you start to fight back and their defenses come out. They blame you and push all that you believe in and what makes your soul happy out. In essence, you have become something that you are not. You shift to confusion searching for your soul’s desire.

Here are 5 Major Signs of a Failing

All You Do is Argue All the Time

Here Are 5 Signs a Relationship is Failing

You may argue more with your partner about major issues but also about things that don’t matter. Criticizing and not caring if you hurt the other person is destructive to the heart. When you can’t find a compromise, this is a sign the relationship is failing

Your Feeling More Depressed Every Day

Here Are 5 Signs a Relationship is Failing

If your relationship is making you feel down all the time, as a consequence, you will feel more depressed. Essentially your relationship is not what it use to be instead of building you up it is tearing you down. Regrettably, this is a significant sign that you have lost connection with your partner and that it may be time to walk away.

Your Partner is Showing No Respect for You

Not getting alon

Your partner should appreciate how important you are to them in their life. If there is no respect, they will likely cheat, insult or shame you and think it’s okay.

Your Partner Starts Acting Out

Acting out

When your significant other starts acting differently towards you and their attitude has changed, don’t ignore this. For instance, they seem more troubled than usual, increased aggressiveness and pushy. Also, your partners doing things they haven’t done before and not involving you. This behaviour could be a sign, that your relationship, is failing, therefore, should not be overlooked.

Your Intuition is Telling You Something’s Not Right

Often you can get a feeling in your stomach, and you don’t know what it means. There is a quiet voice inside your head telling you that something is wrong. Don’t ignore it. Your intuition is your best guide to happiness.

Here Are 5 Signs a Relationship is Failing

If you are in a toxic relationship and you are having a hard time leaving talk to a friend or your parents or better yet a Councillor. They will lead you in the right direction so you can be happy again. Remember Love is the deep spiritual essence in all of us. Love yourself Always. Leave me a comment and tell me what you did to get over a tough relationship.

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