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Here Are 6 Tips That Can Help When You Feel Anxious

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Here Are 6 Tips That Can Help When You Feel AnxiousOften I felt anxious but I didn’t worry about it until I had a panic attack. I always thought I was just one of those people that worried a lot. My worrying got so bad it started interfering with my life. Keep reading and discover 6 Tips That Can Help When You Feel Anxious

Nevertheless, I really could not pinpoint exactly what I was troubled about, it just seemed to exist, and I had a hard time conquering that feeling.

Do You Feel Like a Anxiety is Ruining Your Life?

Not too long ago I have suffered from bouts of anxiety. And yes I felt like it was taking over my life, and ruining my life! It would come at the most inopportune time and take over my thoughts? Sometimes it would get so bad I felt like I couldn’t function.
6 Tips on What to Do if You Feel AnxiousIf Of course most times I felt anxious was when a situation was out of my control.

As a matter of fact, I believe it is all about what I can control and what I can’t control.

Looking back to when I was a kid, I was really shy. I did not like talking to people, especially adults.

A Good Trick I Learned to Ease My Anxiety

I have several tips that can help you when you’re feeling  anxious. These strategies I practiced to help me cope.  Regularly I would think of ways to make my situation lighter, easier, and feel good about.

I would imagine a situation that made me anxious and change it in my mind so everything ran smoothly. After several times of trying this out to my surprise it worked! Now I use this method in situations where I have to do something I am anxious about.

Even sometimes when I am completely overwhelming, and I start to get panicky, and feel myself heading into a panic attack, I close my eyes and imagine what it would look like if everything went right!

A full fledged panic attack is  horrible by the way, and can often feel like a heart attack.  Your heart beats so fast and you feel light headed.

Should I Go See A Doctor About My Panic Anxiety?

In the first place, it cant hurt to go see your doctor and just talk about your anxiety. I went to see a counselor about the way I was feeling, and she helped me a lot!

Although, there are moments that make me nervous and anxious, I discovered different ways of coping. It is my hope if you suffer with anxiousness, these 6 simple ideas will help you.

It inspires me when I talk to someone who has used these 6 ideas to overcome their anxiety. I just want to help you feel better so you can continue participating in life with a healthy mindset.

Here are Some Great Tips that Help Anxiety


First off I think it always helps to breathe, or even meditate if this is what you like to do. I take a good breath, hold it a couple of seconds, and then a long breath out. If you can do this for a minute or two you will feel better. Breathing helps you find the stillness within.

Take a Shower

Take a bath or a shower. A bath especially will calm you when you are feeling anxious and uncomfortable. The bath with nice aroma or candles goes a long way toward helping you feel better.

Go and Exercise

Exercise can really help you get out those feelings of nervousness. I prefer to go out for a jog or a good brisk walk. You could go to a yoga class or practice on your own in a peaceful place. I haven’t quite got a schedule for yoga yet, but I plan on incorporating this into my exercise routine more often.

Watch a movie

Go and watch a movie. I don’t know why but this works wonders for me. I believe that when you watch a movie it takes your mind away from all your problems and you are giving yourself a break to enjoy watching someone else instead of focusing on you.

My favorite thing to do when I can get cozy and watch Netflix. I like it with my family around or just chilling by myself.

Call a friend

It always helps if you can tell someone when you feel anxious about how you are feeling. It takes the load off your shoulders for a little while and places it into someone else’s hands to help you feel better.

I have a twin sister I confide in when I  am particularly stressed and feel anxious. She comes to me when she is feeling overwhelmed too.

Go see you, doctor,

Lastly, go see your doctor and talk about what you are feeling most times they can help you see what is going on in your life and give you some solutions on what your next steps might be.

Always remember that if it feels serious inside and you might harm yourself go to emergency right away.

It is hard to be happy when your emotions are all over the place this is when you need to get help. Mental Health is just as important as physical health and something we need to take more seriously. I hope these 6 tips help you when you feel anxious or nervous.

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Here Are 6 Tips That Can Help When You Feel Anxious