How to Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life

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Do you wonder why you are here on this big blue planet?

How about the big question…

What is my purpose in life? Do you ever wonder how to find your purpose and passion in life?

Definitely, this is a loaded question!

What is Higher Purpose in Life

Honestly, I feel if you are happy in your life, and you are passionate about what you are doing you have found your higher purpose.

Surely, a wonderful feeling that must be!

However, if you are unhappy, then you may need help finding what you are passionate about. Passion can lead you to your higher purpose. I believe your higher purpose is a profound desire to help someone or something outside of ourselves with knowledge and know-how that we possess.



What Do You Want in Life?

How are you feeling in general, every day?  How are you feeling now?

Really, if you are feeling miserable right now or feeling upset all the time you need to change whatever it is you are doing? 

If you dislike what you are doing and now may be undesirable, you have the power to change this. 

Somehow you got to this place in your life and slowly we can change this now. Say, out loud I want a better life now! Admit that to yourself. Today I am willing to change my ideas, so I will feel better to change my situation. Understand that is the starting point your purpose.

Hmmm… It sounds all too simple.

Discovering Your Purpose

Your purpose during the week may be going to work to make a living to feed your family. Your purpose at night, for most of us, is to sleep a reasonable amount of hours, preferably eight to renew you for the next day. Weekends are made for relaxing, right? 

Simple but not easy. Your undesirable situation is not what you want but before we can change it we have to consider what we love to do. What are you really good at? What can you do that you are constantly teaching to others? Maybe you are a great bowler or you are a fantastic baker? Maybe you like to knit or skateboard? Go and figure out what that is and write it down!

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. ~Eckhart Tolle

Where do you want to be? 

Maybe you do not like where you are situated in your life. It could be a job or living arrangement? Consider, one thing to change your situation? It does not have to be a whole mess of things just one thing. 

Even just writing it down it will make you feel better. Writing it down will help you move towards your desire.

Accept your situation as it is and when you get a moment you can rethink your circumstances. Acceptance of what you are going through helps you move forward to the next phase of decision making.

What is holding you back?

Is it money that is holding you back then start a list of goals. (My goal is to find a better job in the next 4 months) Make sure your goals are realistic to you, otherwise you might get discouraged.

Today is a time you need to be mindful.

It’s not hard to think about what you want. You need to take care of your thoughts now. So, what is your purpose in life today? Well, I would say your purpose in life today, is to be happy.
Know that if you are in an unhappy place, be mindful and shower yourself with happy thoughts.
Your purpose is to be happy in whatever you are doing.


Hopefully, this has helped shed a little light on how to find your purpose and passion in life. Please leave a comment and let me know:)


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