How to lift your mood if you are feeling down

How to lift your mood if you are feeling down

We all feel down at points in our lives. Even the happiest people feel depressed sometimes. Often your grumpy mood can take you over, ruining your entire day. It’s time to take back the control, so it does not take you down into the darkness.

There are many ways to lift your mood when you are feeling down. It won’t hurt to try these ideas before deciding on prescription drugs.

How to lift your mood if you are feeling downI remember when I was young and feeling down and carrying on longer than I needed to be, my mother would tell me to lighten up. It may seem insensitive, but it was probably one of the best things she could say! There was something in those words that helped me see that I could actually help myself out of my mood? That I could see the light of the day!

Get up and go for a walk

One of the best ways to cheer yourself up is get up and go for a walk. First, focus on the feelings inside you, once you acknowledge that feeling refocuses your attention to what is around you. Notice the temperature of the day, the air caressing your face, the breeze sweeping around your body. Sense, the ground beneath your feet. Take off your shoes and feel the earth the grass or sand between your toes. Pick up a handful of snow and really feel it noticing it surrounding you. Let your mind relax breathe and connect to this moment, staying completely present. Be aware of the abundance of nature all around you. Breathe the air and cleanse your spirit. Image a beautiful white light flowing up through your feet and throughout your body.

Lift your mood with music

Often, I Listen to music this is an excellent way to improve your mood and cheer yourself up. It is the darkness of your thoughts that pull you down and can ruin your day. Uplifting music transforms your thoughts to a happier vibration. When music enters your ears, close your eyes and feel it with the whole body. Allow the magical sound to flow within you washing away those negative feelings.

Dance to lift your mood when you feel down

I’m not a great dancer but if you put a song on that makes me feel like moving I will dance in the flow. Dance is a movement that works to uplift your mood and shake out stagnant energy. When you move the body, feel the waves of the music saturate your soul. Let your heart feel it, relaxing, so your body moves to the rhythm, in motion with universal movement.

Forgiveness helps to lift your mood

How to lift your mood if you are feeling down

I like the idea of forgiving someone you are unhappy with. Finding a way to forgive is good for your soul. The conflict could very well be a contributing determinant to your mood. We could all use a little forgiveness, collectively it heals and helps us feel lighter. Anger has a lot of weight, so when we forgive, it opens up the dark clouds and brings in the sunshine. You are also doing a service to the person you are forgiving.

What are you grateful for in your life?

Really think about this question. Thinking negative thoughts does not help you one bit. Appreciate the life you have, look around and be thankful for all the things you possess in your life. The bed you have to sleep in is a great example. Think of five things that you are grateful for and then say them out loud. Notice that feeling in your heart as it absorbs the loveliness of appreciation and gratitude. Try this it will brighten your day!

What lifts your mood on those bad days? Leave me a comment I’d love to know!

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