How To Love Yourself More

How to Love Yourself so You Can Face the World

Often when I go out, I feel good inside, but there are times when I feel anxious and upset at myself. Learning how to love yourself More may take some time but it will be rewarding once you go through these steps.

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?” 
― Ian Wallace

Usually, when this happens, I spend a little extra time in front of the mirror, so I feel good to face the world. Learn how to love yourself so you can meet the world with confidence!

Remember Who You Are

In these times, you need to love yourself. In these moments, you have to remember. You really do have much to offer. But how do you love yourself when you feel so bad about yourself?

How do you feel better about yourself when you have negative thoughts racing through your head?

Regrettably, sometimes you are feeling down, and your self-esteem is at an all-time low. It is really hard for you to see a better day. All you see is an unworthy person, you feel an immense dislike, and you can’t seem to grasp any love for You inside.

Unfortunately, if you continue with this negative self-talk, it only gets worse from there! You become dragged down, feeling unmotivated, unable to move from this state. 

Nevertheless, if you continue with these thought patterns, you will plunge, into depression, lost in all that negativity.

It is a vicious cycle, and the only way out is to change your thoughts and behaviours. 

How to Love Yourself First

Maybe you conformed to fit in and now you are exhausted and want to relax and be yourself. If you are acting a false self just to fit in or to get people to like you at some point you will crash. You’ve got to forget about what everybody else wants you to be and be yourself.

Who cares if they don’t like you(unless you are an awful person) more will admire you for being true to yourself than faking it. Be who you are and you will be much happier in your life!

Let Go Of People That Drain Your Energy

Learning to love myself is the hardest thing I have ever had to do
Photo by daffa rayhan zein from Pexels

Some people find joy in insulting and cutting you down. They don’t care how you feel all they care about is their feelings and how they look. Decide if it is a bad thing to let them go. It will help you to move on and find new friends. It does not always have to be permanent just for the time being so you can get yourself back on track to feeling better.

When You Love Yourself More

Practice Affirmations

When you are feeling lousy and you can’t find the positive in anything you do affirmations help. Write down affirmations that will lift you up and encourage you to push on with your day. A good affirmation is a positive statement to help you feel better. I am beautiful, loved and have awesome, great ideas! 


It is hard to move forward in your life if you are holding on to the pain that you caused or someone else caused. State at this moment to forgive yourself, or forgive the person who hurt you. It doesn’t take much to say out loud or written on a piece of paper. It might take your heart a little while to get there but at least you are attempting to make things better.

Love Yourself

Unconsciously, we all feel a certain way about our accomplishments or our non-accomplishments. It seems to be who we are and sets the standard on how we feel about ourselves. Starting out any project or circumstance requires confidence so find your confidence in loving your self. You are great and you are a creator so move ahead with love for all that you do and all that you will become. 

Challenge Yourself

Often we can get stuck in a rut doing the same old things every day. Life is boring and stale, with nothing to look forward to. Today reach out of that comfort spot and challenge yourself a little. You can start out with small challenges and broaden as you get more confident. Yesterday I went to work, and today I offered an idea to my supervisor!

I hope this helps you feel better 🙂

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