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How to write a blog post in 20 minutes

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 How to write a blog post in 20 minutes

 How to write a blog post in 20 minutes

I would not recommend you write a blog in 20 minutes but if you need to get it done quickly it can be done. Hopefully, with a little guidance from these tips, it will help you to learn how to write a blog post in 20 minutes.

Finding a subject to write about

Writing can be tough when you have nothing in your head to write about you may feel brainless for ideas. I find throughout my day if I jot ideas down in my day book I have a wealth of interesting things to write about and they are always at my disposal when I need to write a blog. My subjects tend to be about personal development or things that have happened in my day. Sometimes they can be just a silly story that happened and I thought might be interesting to the reader. I think personally think there is value in everything in life and whether it cheers up the reader or offers advice this is a good thing.

Write from the heart

Doing this ensures you will find the passion in what you are writing. With anything in life if you can find the slightest relation it is easier to write about. If you had to write about a toilet, for example, you could find a connection maybe with your leaky toilet. Maybe it isn’t working properly and you are looking for a better one. If you have to write about a particular person see if there is a video on them or biography. There are some subjects that are adamantly hard to write and making a connection with the subject can personalize it for you making it easier to write.

Setting your timer or a stopwatch

Will help you because when you set, a time limit you’ll be surprised it is amazing how that little bit of pressure quickens your writing and how your sentences seem to flow. I set my timer on my stove while I write in my office so I cannot watch it. It is pretty loud when the timer goes off I really jump. I usually have a few more sentences or finishing touches but this is a productive way to get blogs done. So, set your timer and start writing!

Most importantly make sure where you are writing in a distraction-free environment.

It is impossible to write when the kids are running around in the background. Close the door and remind them that you are going to be taking a half hour and write before remind them again. This applies to the phone and social media like Facebook, The TV, and the dog. Lock yourself away for about half an hour and write your heart out.

I hope this helps you on your quest on how to write a blog post in 20 minutes

You will be feeling a little less stressed fitting your blogging into your busy day (timeline). Most of all remember if you are not feeling good then take a deep breath and clear your head. Go for a walk or a run. Getting outdoors into the fresh air does wonders and will help the creative juices flow.


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