Are You Living Life Or Is Life Living You?

Are You Living Life or Is Life Living You?
Intentional living-Are You Living Life or Is Life Living You?

If I am out walking my dog, going for a run, or working at a job that I enjoy, life is good. Is this what is called Intentional Living – Am I living my life, or is life living me? Although I wonder what it means when I am doing things continuously to please others, and life becomes a chore.

If you aren’t doing what you love and loving what you do, your power of intention is weakened. You attract into your life more of the dissatisfaction that isn’t the face of love. Consequently, more of what you don’t love will appear in your life.”― Wayne W. Dyer.

Intentional Living Wayne Dyer

Intentional living-Are You Living Life or Is Life Living You?

The question is a profound one for me. I know I am a people pleaser, as I often forget about myself. Usually, I ignore the stuff that I enjoy so others are happy. Nevertheless, it makes me so glad to know they are content, though sometimes it leaves me feeling unfulfilled.

How Do You Live Intentionally?

Find the courage in who you are! You are a soul on earth, and you are essential! By all means, you are just as worthy as anybody else. Stand up and show the world your strength; you will feel at peace.

  • Recognize that life is a choice of minute-by-minute decisions.
  • Determine if you are in healthy, empowering surroundings that uplift you.
  • Contemplate looking within and seek out your authentic self.

Your soul came here for a reason. Let it expand and be. Let it be free to create! Love and imagine creating the best life ever!

What is Living an Authentic Life?

An authentic life means living intentionally with the guidance of your inner world and the collective world. The meaning of living life is to do what you want, so you feel Happiness.

Being born is a gift, but many of us are not living an authentic life. Often people don’t live their own lives but what everyone else expects from them. People let life live them instead of living their own life. You need to start to Live Intentionally.

We are doing what we think we should be doing, which is not in alignment with who we are. I believe life is about being happy, but we wander with no aspirations, no intentions, no ideas, and no goals for a higher purpose.

To live authentically is to do the things that you love. Being yourself and accepting who you are—remember that you are a special, unique human being here to experience life on earth.

Why Is It Important to be Intentional?

To live your best life means living to your potential, feeling like you have a purpose, and feeling happy. It means helping yourself so you can help others. To be the best version of yourself is an intention, and this is Intentional Living. All of a sudden, life isn’t living you. You are living life.

Which means you need to take care of yourself first. Doing more for you, therefore, brings happiness to those around you. It is a win-win situation.

Often, we learn through life lessons. Living a life catered to others is only cheating yourself. Furthermore, lies are nothing but a weight that pulls on your soul.

It is nice to help others. Just don’t forget about yourself. When you’re always putting others before you, possibly so others will see the good in you, you’re ignoring your needs, ultimately upsetting your heart and soul.

No doubt, this hides away a beautiful Self that thinks it is not good enough.

How To Change Your Life For the Better

Don’t let your life get lost in the mind-boggling distortions of the world. Get out of the dark place you are sitting in and feel the light.
Indeed, you are both darkness and light.

Know you are essential to the collective design of this world! The world that encircles you will see you and the marvellous person you are!

Don’t feel apologetic for doing what you love or doing your own thing. It’s time to experience your authentic life. Intentional Living means you are Living your Life, not letting Life Live You. And if anything, people will look up to you for being your own person. Now is the time to Live intentionally!!

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