Living with Intention – Start Today

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Living with Intention - Start Today
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Somewhere between raising my kids, doing laundry, and making dinner, it became obvious to me that I needed to start living with intention. My chaotic life was wearing me down, and I needed to change. Every month I kept putting it off until one day I just said, I want to learn what it means to live with intention and I have to start today.

Specifically, I was making life decisions from what I saw around me and this made me feel like a was falling short of everybody else.

Living with Intention - Start Today

In fact, four years have gone by since I started writing down my first conscious intention. My new routines continue from one month to the next, and my life has changed considerably!

My daily practices needed a new perspective, so I felt better and more positive in my life.

Start Living with Intention

I’m not trying to be perfect, I just want to improve to see progress in my life. Specifically, maintaining my intentions every single month so they become habits that will last a lifetime.

Most importantly, it is my hope for you to aim to fulfill monthly goals too!

What is Intentional Living?

Each month you write down a helpful goal or something you would like to work on.

For instance, it could be changing something in your health, exercising more, or being more present in your relationships. Whatever is important to you and would like to incorporate into your life

Whatever resonates with you most and you absolutely want to change, make better or do better. Of course, it is easier to focus on only one intention unless they interconnect with each other.

Living with Intention start today

So, here is an example of my intention for January.

My Intention(or goal) for January is to Honor Myself.

In other words, not to be afraid to be me. Don’t worry about what others think.

My Mini Goals for Intention Living:

Week 1 – Have you heard of mirror work? It means looking into the mirror every morning and night, looking into your eyes and saying I love you. Although it may sound ridiculous, it is a great Intention Setting exercise and it can have profound effects.

Weeks 2 – Save some time at least 30 minutes every day for YOU. Engage in an activity you enjoy that requires only you, and nobody else but you. LoL Knitting, yoga, reading it could be anything!

Week 3 – This week is all about forgiveness. Forgive yourself or someone else. In other words, if you are holding on to anger about something you did that was wrong, forgive yourself. You don’t have to try just be strong and forgive yourself.

Are you angry at someone?

Not forgiving someone only blocks you from moving forward in your life and them in theirs. It can stifle your decisions. It takes time and it will feel better.

Week 4 – Be grateful for what you have. Did I mention that I am working on this every day still? Every night before I go to sleep, I think of one thing I am truly grateful for.

If you would like to start 2019 with a new goal every month it’s not too late! Start Today! Sign up and get a free living with Intention Calendar so you can write down a new goal every month. Keep a journal in the notes section to write about your experiences. Grab one today!

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Living with Intention - Start Today