If You’re Having a Bad Day Here are 7 Tips To Be Happy Now

If You're Having a Bad Day Here are 7 Tips To Be Happy Now

“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.”
Dale Carnegie

We feel good most days but today we can feel melancholy. If you’re having a bad day here are 7 tips to be happy now to boost your mood so you feel better to carry on with your life!

How to be Happy with Your Life

If You're Having a Bad Day Here are 7 Tips To Be Happy Now1. You are Loved by Someone

It is most important that we all feel loved. Even though you may feel miserable right now if you think that someone out there loves you this will somehow make you feel better. Yes, right now you know you are loved unconditionally by your kids, husband, Mom, Dad, extended family (grandparent, cousin, aunt, uncle) and yes, of course, you can’t forget the unconditional love you feel from your pets.

If you stop to think right now what would your family do without you? How would they feel if you were gone? You can find perspective in that. I can guarantee they would be awfully sad if you were not in their life. So, even if you don’t feel the love right now know there is someone who loves you. No matter what! This is 100% true!  Any feelings you have that are bringing you down can only go up knowing this!

2.  You are Healthy

Stop worrying and think about how lucky you are to be in good health as you sit and read this article. Hold that feeling close to your heart and be grateful every day.

If you are not in good health, stop for a moment and tell yourself you are on the road to recovery. I do a peaceful relaxation when I’m not feeling well and I know this will help you too. Find a quiet place and close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by the most beautiful light. Breathe slowly and let the light enter your breath right into your lungs.

If You're Having a Bad Day Here are 7 Tips To Be Happy Now

Take the light that surrounds you and let it travel from the ground, to your feet and up through your entire body. Imagine this beautiful light healing you. You don’t have to tell the light where to heal it is intelligent and knows where to go to heal. Let the light float in and relax every part of your body.

Feel the strength bathing in this light and let your self-be healed at this moment. If you are able, get up on your feet and smile and say, “I am healthy!” If you can’t stand up, lift your arms up high into the air and shout, I am healed, I am in perfect health! When it is very difficult to even move, the thoughts work just as well to lift you to healing.

Thoughts are key here and knowing this you can’t turn back! Refuse to see the illness. Let your heart reach out to the universe to heal you! Then… go watch a funny movie or TV show for it is a well-known fact that laughter heals all sickness.

 3.  You Have a Warm House, Bed or Blanket

Be happy for the warm bed or the blanket that keeps your toes warm and when you do it comes back to you tenfold. Walk around your home and realize this is where you are right now. Be happy for that roof over your head. A shelter is huge and there are so many people on the streets right now who are homeless.

Home is where the heart is, is such a true statement when you are grateful. Let the light shine in your home, even if it is stormy or raining. You are blessed with a shelter to keep you safe from the elements and that is a good reason to be happy now.

  4.  You Have Achievements

Everyone has achievements in their life. Think back at all that you have achieved and feel good about it. Whether it is a big accomplishment or a small one it made you feel special.

Remember that feeling and how proud you were of yourself. Maybe you were awarded the trophy for eating the most hot dogs, the feeling of achievement was there. That memory is an emotion that you will hold on to forever! It feels good and no one can take that away from you. It is etched in your memory forever!

 5.  Be Happy for Nature and Fresh Air

Now, this is one thing we take for granted. All the nature and fresh air we have around us is a gift. If you are fortunate to not have to worry about this that is great. If you are unfortunate to not have the freshest of air and you are stuck in the city smog, go for a walk in the woods or by the shoreline.

Look at all the nature that surrounds you and again be grateful for this. Where I live, we have four seasons; summer, fall, winter and spring and when the seasons change it is a new beginning for me. Especially, spring when all the flowers are coming out and the buds are on the trees. I love going to the beach, I feel so blessed when I walk with my toes in the sand. A great trick to ground your body with the earth is to take off your shoes and walk on the grass or sand.

Here you are connected to something amazing and this is the greatest feeling of all! Remember, you are here because you are supposed to be here and to enjoy all things in life. So, feel better in this moment. Be happy now and remember you are connected to all living things.

 6.  You Have This Moment to be Happy

This moment is all that you really have and if you don’t acknowledge it you are ignoring the most important moment of all which is Now. This is where a big change takes place. Where the epidermis of great ideas come from. Imagine what you could be in this moment and go from there. Find inspiration in your ideas and shoot for the stars!

If your life right now is not where you want it to be at this moment say, “I am going to change my life!” Now, in this moment make plans to change even if it is only one thing. If you have a hard time with change think up some really easy goals and give yourself lots of time to conquer them.

Just the fact that you are making plans right now is exciting and can do nothing but make you feel better and make you happier!

7.  Your Current Financial Circumstances

This might be a scary subject for some, money always is when you don’t have much of it. People get stuck in their life on the endless treadmill.

Feeling like they are going nowhere fast. It doesn’t need to be that way. You have the opportunity to change this. Think of all the passions you have, things that you really enjoy doing on a regular basis. We have gone from the industrial age to the age of the mighty internet. Take your passions and tell the world about them. Let the world know your skills and how you can help them. People would pay lots of money for your skill.

There are people out there right now that need help and if you could help them it changes everything for them. A while back I really wanted to know how to make summer chairs (Adirondack chairs) and I looked on the internet and there was someone doing a video on how to build them. It was right there at my fingertips. I am sure you have some talents that maybe someone has not a clue. Isn’t that what it is all about sharing what we know?

Doesn’t that make you happy just thinking about all the skills you have? Social media is huge and you can share what you know on video, writing blogs, slideshows there are so many ways to reach people compared to twenty years ago. Tap into the digital market and set up a website or blog and share your talents you will be happy you did.

I hope that these seven tips help you feel better now. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. 🙂

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