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The Things Unhappy People Do Will Surprise You

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To be Happy, is a good thing! But, some of the things that unhappy people do will surprise you!

The Things Unhappy People Do Will Surprise You

It’s perfectly natural to feel unhappy from time to time. It happens to the best of us. Nevertheless, some days when you look around, it may seem like unhappiness is everywhere.

Be Careful of Continually Unhappy People

When you are unhappy, you feel like happiness is an intangible feeling that follows you around but you never get to experience it.

Most days, happiness never really catches up to you and you become grumpy and miserable. The only happy moment for you is at night when you lay your head down to sleep. Though, a night without any sleep can ruin any happy person’s demeanor temporarily.

Happiness is not the assured consequence of anything in particular, yet is a feeling that we all want to experience!

Am I an Unhappy Person?

Unhappy people show to the world their unhappiness without even really knowing it. When somebody is unhappy, it’s difficult for them to find happiness in the world.

More often than not, unhappy people tend to rant a little more, complain, and belittle with nothing good to say about anything or anybody.

Nonetheless, if you want happiness in your life, you need to consciously go out and experience it.

You Don’t know Anyone Truly Until You Have Walked in Their Shoes

By the same token, there are people unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives. We have no idea about their lives or what they are going through? An unkind person generally is unhappy and down on the world.

There are people who are extremely unhappy, dealing with physical and emotional and mental issues, and we don’t know what they have experienced. We can surely send them love and light!

Similarly, people who are unhappy, spend a lot of time doing things that don’t make them happy.

Our daily obligations at work and agendas are what we focus on and sooner or later, there is a moment when we realize we are not happy. Somehow, we pushed all the things we enjoyed to the back burner, and we worked ourselves to the bone.

What Really Makes Us Happy?

For it is the experiences in life that make us happy. Ski trips in the Alps, adventures with your kids, spending time with family and friends or sitting alone staring up at the starlit sky.

Good memories are great experiences you can think back to. These when you think about what you did make you feel happier. Everyone has at least one or two experiences form the past that made them feel good.

I am happy reading a book, snuggled under my blanket.

How to Deal With Unhappy People

When people are unhappy they can surprise you, catch you off guard where you can’t understand what just happened! Unhappy people often have negative personalities and when you spend time with them you feel drained. They make you feel miserable and sad.

There are lots of unhappy people in this world who are around us every day. Family members, bosses, co-workers and friends that we wish would go away.

If you share any good news with these people, they find a reason to put it down. They bark and are mean to the point that it gets to you emotionally.

That kind of unhappiness gets into your psyche, and if you aren’t conscious, you may turn around and treat someone else that way too.

Unfortunately, we can’t always control who is in our lives.

Some days when you look around, it may seem like unhappiness to be the norm.

There is Hope For You If You are Unhappy

Of course, this does not have to be this way. For your humanity, it is imperative for your life to at least try and find your happiness.

However, if you want happiness in your life, you have to change the way you think. It means being mindful of your negative thoughts. It also means moving away from unhappy people so who are mean and cynical.

In this moment think of an experience that made you happy.

So, I repeat, it is for the good of humanity and especially to you to try and find your happiness in the experiences in your life.

The Things Unhappy People Do Will Surprise You

We need to be conscious of how we react to people whose moods affect us. Surround ourselves with people who make us feel good!

It means being a little kinder to each other and the world would feel like a better place.

Unfortunately, some people living on our planet enjoy taking away our happiness. Although it’s not nice to live with, and we can’t change them, they have to change themselves. Stay away from them if you can.

Believe that when you run into a negative person like this, you will have a great shield (full of white divine light)to deflect everything away from you, to turn inside out and back to a positive statement in your mind. That is being mindful to keep your state of mind safe in the happiness zone

If you are one of those unhappy people, find something you love to do, even if it is just for a moment every day. Those tiny little moments will add up to a better day!

We can’t always rely on this if you are having a tough time go get a medical and talk to a counselor or a family member you trust.

Believe in Yourself and Change

In summary, if you want to be happier, limit your exposure to unhappy events and people.
If at all possible, be prepared when you have to interact with negative person.

The things unhappy people do will surprise you, but if hang out with people who will lift you up, you will feel better Surrounding yourself with happy, positive people and you will feel closer to happiness.
Happy people are kinder and uplift those around them.

Always be conscious of your thoughts if you feel you are in a downward spiral. Be mindful of what you are thinking. Think in this moment I will find an experience and be happy.

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The Things Unhappy People Do Will Surprise You