What Is An Intention

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You hear the phrase Live with Intention all the time but really, what is an ‘Intention’ and how can it help you in your life? I decided to investigate and found some incredible information about Living Intentionally through a process of setting Intentions.

An Intention is a goal or aim you set for yourself to make something happen if you want to achieve something great or change your situation.

What Is An Intention
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A few years back, I came upon a woman who talked about Living with Intention. She advocated about creating Intention, Setting Statements and how to live with that Intention every day. I see it as similar to making a goal, but the reward is much more immediate. Since that day, I incorporate Intentions into my life and have never gone back. My excitement and curiosity keep me discovering as life gets better each day.

For instance, I learned that when you Set an Intention and say it out loud, immediately, you feel better. And if you focus on your Intention a few times a day, you are adding better thoughts to your life and less likely to think about thoughts that bring you down. From here, introducing positive Intention every day puts your best foot forward. Not to mention, the whole process is simple to do.

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Intentions work when you make a deliberate or conscious decision to stick with it. For example, statements like every morning, I will get up at 6:30 am and go to bed before 10:00 pm is an Intention Setting. This is a reasonable Intention to make happen, so you have more time in the day and better hours for yourself.

Once you find out what you want and what your Intention can do for you, you will realize that it serves you well in life.

Why Do We Choose To Live A Life of Pain and Suffering?

Somewhere between being a kid, a teenager, high school, college, and your so-called great job, you got lost. The only way to find your way back is to stop and think, why?

Why am I living this miserable life when I could be doing something far more rewarding and meaningful?

Create the life you love with the things that give meaning to your life. Please find inspiration in these words. It is true, especially if the things you like to do mean something to someone else and add value to their life. The rewards can be huge!

We all hold a particular skill, a super-power that no one else possesses. It may take a while to think of what you like to do. We all have that interest that makes us truly happy. It could be building canoes, fixing bikes to knitting hats?

We all have something in common, while together we exist on earth. We internalize it, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to click in until a time when we share something that affects us all. Deep within you, your whole Being feels the Oneness of everything at that moment.

Is Purpose the Same as Intention?

The dictionary meaning of Purpose is why something exists or is done, made, used, etc., an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal. My opinion of purpose is the meaning behind what you are doing or why something was created. Researching the word Purpose, I found that it is an innate feeling that humans have to help, which requires some uniqueness to reach a goal and share with the world. It’s nice when something you are passionate about contributes to helping the world.

Nevertheless, there is a problem with that concept. Oftentimes, our life purpose is ambiguous to us and therefore hard to spot. Many people may feel they possess no unique gifts and may not feel they can contribute to the world, and may not feel they have a purpose.

One day that big question hits you, ‘Is this what I am supposed to be doing in my life?’ Then the deeper question comes, ‘Why am I here?’

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I believe your life purpose is an Inner passion moved by Intentions that you make every day. When you make more conscious intentions and apply them you move closer to fulfilling your purpose.

When we feel we have a purpose we are happier. Our purpose is the reasons we wake up happy in the morning. Purpose guides your life choices, impact performance, and gives you a roadmap to where you are going. Purpose gives you meaning in life.

The purpose of life is to give life purpose ~ To live with intention gives you purpose.

Setting Intentions will lead you to discover your purpose in life because your Intentions are what you want in life.

It is conceivable to make a definite choice to improve your own experiences on earth from day-to-day. This is done by Setting true positive Intentions. We can progress forward in a definite direction and live out our Purpose to BE who we are.

We all have a purpose, and when you intend to do something, we fulfill that Purpose even more. I suppose we were created to exist like a tree, a rock, and creatures on earth.

Living content and happy, you will not always be in enjoyment. You may have moments of turmoil. Your mind is so powerful those moments, a flicker of a good thought if only for a moment, can turn your mood around.

If we made it our Intention to be more aware of how we treat people and express our love and compassion for the world, that would be good too.

Like an ant, we are the same. We are the same because we both step on earth.

Being is Our Purpose. And when we die, when it is time to go, we will have been part of A perfect synchronicity of events in the cog of life.

What Does It Mean To Live With Intention?

To live with intention is a conscious, deliberate process in which we all could be living. Without a doubt, life inorbs the idea that we embrace all that we love to do on earth, really, if you think about what you want and make it your intention to get it done.

You have things in your life that aren’t aligned with what you want. You need to change this by setting intentions on what you do want. This is a true desire that we all have to be happy. To get it, you need to start focusing your attention on an Intention-Setting statement that easy to remember and will accessible to state every day.

Meaning, take your idea and go with it as far as you can. Apply, and bring your idea and into your vision and imagine it happening right now.

Then when you open your eyes, you will see it as these wonderful plans. It’s the intention of having it that makes it come true. Take the idea and make it happen now by asking yourself this question: What would I need for this to happen? Make it happen; you need to wonder how this is going to work out.

To make it all happen, remember it takes vigilance and opportunity.

Often, we want things that we can’t afford, but really, it comes to you easily. Be aware of your thoughts and make sure you are living with the self-serving ones.

What are self-serving thoughts? They are thoughts that you are in control of. Make them all day long, intentional, and your life gets much better.

There is no how there is no when there is no other thing that needs to happen. What does that mean for you?

It means that the Intention quite similar to an invisible force that is helping you. Think of it as someone in heaven who can make all your dreams come true.

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How Do You Write An Intention?

Start by asking yourself what you would like to happen in your life. What do you need? You are not selfish; you are only trying to find happiness in your situation. To find an intention that is meaningful to you, you need to really go deep into your soul.

Once you have what it is, you formulate a sentence that is short and easy to remember. Grab a pen and paper and write down several phrases until you get one that resonates with you.

For example, my intention this month is to be myself; I am enough. I remind myself of this intention every day. It is a daily intention that I repeat three times a day, even meditating on it. If you can write it down first thing in the morning, this is a great way to start your day. For me, it infuses a wonderful feeling that I am okay with who I am and that I do not need to worry because I am enough.

Often I write my intention on the bathroom mirror and put it on my phone as a reminder throughout the day.

What do you see for yourself?

Life keeps rolling, and the wheels in the sky keep on turning, just like the Journey song says. We really don’t know what will happen next. You live life, and life lives you back. Outside of where we sit, people thrust you into glum situations that are difficult to leave.

Or maybe you are the one who decides your experience in life? Whether you can control life or not, life happens to us, and many things are out of our control.

We navigate, cope and learn with every adversity and challenge. Nevertheless, it is how we are as humans to keep our heads up, so we don’t sink into the abyss. It is a personal endeavour we all are given to when we are born to make it as enjoyable as possible.

In the end, we all want to be remembered as someone that did something great for ourselves and the people around us. We would like to know we touched the people in our lives in a unique, special way.

Do you see a life conforming to what others may see as a purpose for you? Or are you independently free to choose the life you want with every experience that comes to choosing?

When I am sitting and hating what I am experiencing for the short term, I have that easy-going personality that says. This is okay! I can enjoy this.

Take a situation where you cannot choose, and the question of what is my purpose makes no sense at all. Why am I here, sufferer – Why should I compare to so many people who enjoy lovely beautiful lives? Why am I stuck here?

To live in Happiness generally means you’ve connected to a life you enjoy. The odds are that you are doing things you don’t like if you are unhappy in your life. With this in mind, when you search for meaning and purpose in your life, it will lead you to Happiness.

“You don’t become happy by pursuing Happiness. You become happy by living a life that means something.” — Harold S. Kushner.

If you don’t care and don’t like what you are doing, life is boring and not exciting.

If you work a lifeless job and hate everything you stand for, these things contribute to an unhappy life. It is time to ask the question, Why am I doing this?

Why would you live a life doing what you hate? With all the choices in life, why would you settle for something less?

The Pursuit of Happiness Can Get You Down

Research suggests when placing great emphasis on Happiness, people tended to be more unhappy. Iris Mauss, a social psychologist at Berkeley, studied the possible negative consequences of seeking Happiness.

It is something that I have personally learned. The more time I spent seeking Happiness for myself, the more miserable I felt.

Please, don’t waste your precious time seeking Happiness, then that is all you are doing as trying, and it never seems to come to you.

 You may get tiny bursts of joy, but it doesn’t last.

Honestly, it is not about the pursuit of Happiness. It is indeed about searching for meaning and purpose that will ultimately lead you to Happiness?

Happiness contributes, finding meaning in what you produce and the substance you can offer to the world.

Do something that makes you feel good, and becomes a habit. You may have some bumps and hurdles, but you will keep going if you love what you are doing.

Eventually, what you are passionate about will be your livelihood. When you contribute your knowledge, it shifts to something much bigger.

Your small efforts are part of a larger purpose, one of contentment, excitement, peace, and yes, Happiness.

Be your best authentic self and welcome who you are, and your meaning and purpose will lead you to Happiness!

Once you find your purpose your pathway to living changes. But still, life and the way our mind works is always searching for new ways to contribute hoping to reach more people to aid in their lives.

Think, what do you genuinely love to do? It could be what keeps you happy for the rest of your life. Let me know in the comments.

I think the pressure to find what we are here on earth for is hard for many individuals. If we could exist doing what makes us happy and knowing how powerful an Intention is, I believe this is our Purpose living on earth.

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