What Is The Law of Attraction How Can it Change My Life?

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What is The Law of Attraction and How can it Change my life?
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Have you heard about The Law of Attraction? How can the Law of Attraction change your life? What Is The Law of Attraction How Can it Change My Life?

Do you have hopes and dreams that you would like to come true for you? Perhaps you’re in a bad situation and you need to change it. Why not look into the most powerful force of the universe, The Law of Attraction.

Do Our Thoughts Work Like Magnets?

The basics thought about the Law of the Attraction is that we are all like magnets.

Understand that you are a magnet and everything you think, say, and do, attracts things into your life.

What is the Law of Attraction how can it change your life?

It is not unknown, that the Law of Attraction operates through your thoughts to create everything you experience in your life. Whether it be your positive thoughts or your negative thoughts.

The Law of Attraction is from a New Thought philosophy that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

The theory is based on the belief that humans and thoughts are created, from pure energy.
If you understand how like energy attracts like energy, then you know that a person can improve their life through conscious thought.

Like attracts like and what ever your dominant thoughts are throughout the day are attracted back to you.

If your vibration point of attraction is from lack and scarcity, your dominate thoughts throughout the day are what you bring, lack and scarcity.

If you think about it everything you want is here in your thoughts. You can think of a brand new car or a house on the beach, and your emotions act like everything in that moment is in your existence all ready to be transformed completely.

Really, what draws you closer to what you desire is your intentions.

I thought this was a great way to understand the Law Of Attraction

The universal Law of Attraction says that you draw into your lives personalities, objects and conditions that match with your focus.

For this reason, here is a great idea to transform your reality. Imagine with certainty how you would like your life or day to be. After all, it is easy and fun to do and may even be comforting for you.

Who is Neville Goddard?

A gentleman named Neville Goddard (1905-1972) a known as a prophet, an influential teacher, and an author. Neville discovered a term called Revision a method of healing your past.

Moreover, the process works like this, think back to the beginning of your day and moments that didn’t quite go as planned, now replay the scene in your mind except make the challenging parts of your day, work out perfectly.

Imagine your situation working out continuously replaying it in your mind until it feels real and satisfies you. For this to work, you need to imagine this happening over and over again.

Can You Really Fulfill Your Reality?

In general, life happens through you, through your thought beliefs and imaginative acts.
Truly, you have the power to change your situations and to break unwanted situations. Use your imagination as if what you want has already being fulfilled.

Keep in mind that Like attracts like, so whatever your dominant thoughts are this will be your reality.

As an illustration, you can think of attracting a wonderful partner or imagine a perfect day, it is all there in your mind. What draws you closer to what you want is your intentions.

As a matter of fact, when you say, I wish I had a better life, or better circumstances, it is only a wish. However, when you make an intention to make that idea come true, you are making a plan to make it happen.

We may not always be able to change our situation but we can always choose how to think about it and our response to it. 

Life is hard.

When you are pulled down by your circumstance, remember, you are an extraordinary, resilient soul.

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What is The Law of Attraction and How can it Change my life?