What Makes You Happy?

What makes you happy?

It seems like a simple question with an easy answer.

When I think about happiness, I know what makes me happy. I can think of at least ten things.

So what makes the top of the list of what makes me happy is knowing I have such a supportive family who loves me unconditionally.

Does Ice Cream Make You Happy?

On a lesser, not so important level, I love ice cream on a hot day, which makes me happy.

As you can see, happiness comes in happy Moments and other times. We experience nice Situations.

To understand the difference, think about a situation where you had fun and how it made you feel. The effect most likely lasted for several hours, but once it was over, the feeling faded away.

Is It The Situation or Is It All in My Head?

If I was not getting along with my family and we had no relationship, this sad fact may make me feel very unhappy.

What makes you happy?

To put it differently, what if the unhappiness I feel surrounding my family is all in my head? I guess you could say this sorrowful circumstance is, perhaps, a state of mind.

My life will be ever fulfilled in happiness when I am consuming Pralines and Cream ice cream.

Unless, of course, I eat too much ice cream and become uncomfortable, therefore I am going to feel unhappy. Again the impermanence of happiness can change the state of your happiness.

It is important to realize the many times that I have experienced happy moments. For example, I love to ski. Skiing makes me happy! Consequently, if someone told me we were going skiing this winter, on a mountain in Switzerland, I would be very happy!

I have Learned How to Improve My Happiness

You can learn a method that I found works and will help you when you are feeling down.

And will you work to change your overall situation to happiness and help you feel better?

If you are miserable every day because of the circumstances in your life, these three ideas will help inspire you to change your situation.

If you are miserable every day because of the circumstances in your life, three ideas will inspire you to change your life.

1. Observe Your Situation

Ask yourself these questions.
Do you see any way out of your situation?
Are you stuck, and is it impossible to leave?
Is your position permanent or temporary?
How long have you been in this situation?

2. Change Your Situation

Do you see a different circumstance if you were brave enough to think that way?
What is the worst thing that could happen to you if you left that situation? Does change scare you?
Where would you go if you left?
Would you plan to find something better or leave?

3. Accept Your Situation

Unfortunately, there are just some situations where you cannot leave. Jail is one of them.

If you are stuck in jail because of something you did, you will have to come to terms with that fact.

Life is a struggle, and once you accept where you are, it makes it easier to cope.

Comment and let me know what you think. 🙂

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