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Why Do I Feel Sad All The Time

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I don’t know what’s wrong with me why do I feel sad all the time? I constantly worry about stupid things. Do you ever feel like this?

If this is You Please Read On

The emotions that you feel when you are out of sorts can be overwhelming. If your sadness is too much for you to handle. Often we feel sad because nothing is going right. Maybe you feel like the whole world is against you.

If you feel sad these tips should help you feel better. If you feel so bad you are suicidal and the sadness does not go away go see your doctor and explain what you are feeling.

Try Some Deep Breathing

  1. First if you are sad, worried, stressed out or just feeling out of sorts, try Deep breathing. 

This exercise is meant to calm you. It does not take long to start feeling better and this is something you can use all the time. It is a great stress reliever too. I find it works even if you are in a, “not so peaceful place”

First, find a relaxing area. Take a deep breath, hold for a few seconds and breathe a long breath out through your mouth. Do this as many times as it takes for you to feel better. It usually takes me about 5 to 7 breathes.

Change What You Are Doing

2. If possible try to only take on tasks that you can handle instead of trying to take on the world. It is best to be mindful of your duties so you feel better about it. When an opportunity is in front of you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Be Mindful

3. Be mindful of your thoughts and if they are negative write down a few phrases that are uplifting and replace the negative thought with the more positive one.

Realize that high anxiety and stress can be easily fixed and this is how your body reacts to stress. Your thoughts around the stressful situation are causing the stress not your conscious thoughts.

Take Up a Hobby

4. Seek out some fun hobbies or learn new activities, specifically creative pursuits. Consider learning an instrument, paint, draw, whatever interests you.

For myself the busier you are the better you’ll feel. If you look around at other people, the busiest people are also the happiest.

Look at Yourself in the Mirror

5. Look into a mirror and really love who you are, connect with that fun awesome person you used to be. LOVE yourself.

You are unique and lovely and feelings of overwhelm will only get better from here!

Have Faith

6. Have faith in yourself and let go of the past. Life can be hard and past life events can come back to you and leave you feeling crushed. Suddenly you are spiraling out of control and you are depressed and become angry at the world. This is only your thoughts and it is time to change them.

NO one can make you feel this way but yourself. The past has no power over you unless you let those thoughts come back to you. Trust where you sit now to make it positive.


7. Understand your triggers and what makes you feel anxious? Don’t over analyze. Look at the situation and recognize how it makes you feel. Then Breathe, know it is not permanent and you are not alone in this.

Spend Time With Friends

8.  Spend time with people that are understanding and make you feel happy. A friend that is a good listener can help relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety just by talking to them.

Some people just make you feel better because they are uplifting a happy, inspiring you to see things differently.

Remember Baby Steps – One Step at a Time

9. Sometimes it is the pressure we put on ourselves that is the problem. Feelings that everything needs to be perfect. Forget about the big picture and tackle situations in small bits.

You will still get it done for this small progression help yourself every day.

Believe in Yourself

10.  Believe in your self that you can change for the better. If you truly want this for yourself continue to believe that you have the power to change your life to feel better. The power is right now.

Write positive messages on your bathroom mirrors that you can read every day. Make a list of goals that are achievable to you.

Write It Down

11. Keep a journal about your emotions and how you are feeling daily. It always helps if you have an issue to write it down to get it out of your system.

Keep a record of how you are improving the when you look back you will see your progression on how you have changed your life. Remember these things always take time and that is where the healing is.

Look at Your Health

12. Take a view of your health. Are you eating healthy foods or lots of junk food? Are you getting regular exercise? Exercise has huge benefits to feeling better.

Go out for a jog or a brisk walk. Join a baseball team or do yoga. Go play tennis with a friend. Do you get enough sleep? Are the friends you spend time with positive people?

13.  I think this is a great immediate fix although it may be temporary. Go and have a bath and put in some relaxing bath salt or even bubbles! You can light candles or incense and sit back and breath and relax.

If you feel sad all the time it is miserable. When there seems to be no way out of it go see a professional. If it helps please try these 13 ideas to feel better. You are an awesome person put on this earth to be happy. You have endless opportunities to make your life beautiful it only gets better from here and now. The power is in you.

Let me know if this helped you I would love to know:)

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Why Do I Feel Sad All The Time