Why You Can’t Finish Anything And How To Change

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Why You Can’t Finish Anything And How To Change

Do you feel excited to start a new project, but find you can never finish it? I am sure this happens to lots of people and it is frustrating. Why can’t I complete the projects that I felt so excited in the beginning? Why you can’t finish anything and how to change this.

Why you can’t finish anything and how to change this. If you could take a back seat for a minute and observe from a new perspective, you would see why. You would notice that there was a problem that came about and that is where you stopped.

Often when starting something new, we feel excitement and enthusiasm. The momentum feels wonderful! Suddenly three-quarters of the way through you hit a snag you feel confused and irritated.

Annoyed at the prospect to think of a solution, you walk away. Of course, you intend on returning, but time goes by, and you can’t seem to finish it. Sometime the problem may stare at you every day (half-renovated bathroom), but you avoid it at all cost.

Covering it up with a towel, stacking objects around it, or just plain ignoring it all together seems to work. Nevertheless, it looms in the back of your mind grudging you every time you think about it.

A mounting to-do list

Now, you have another project to add to your mounting to-do list.
Endeavours that sit undone need attention, nurturing and understanding. For this to happen, you need to change the way you interpret them. Meaning, instead of viewing them as a problem, see them as an opportunity. See them as an opportunity for the solution. What if I said I had a great opportunity for you to finish your bathroom would that excite you? It sounds better than a problem don’t you think? Opportunities lead to solutions.

What does this mean?

When you have a problem, it is how you perceive the problem that counts. Your perception of the problem will either move you forward to finish to completion or leave you hampered too frustrated to go on.
Certainly, the way in which you handle the problem will bring you negative results that leave you stuck or positive results that will help you. I call these unwanted problems, obstacles. Obstacles are an attempt to see another way in an opportunity that will encourage you to move forward. If you are feeling like you can’t finish anything and how to change here are seven reasons to motivate you so don’t give up on what you want to achieve.


1. You will feel accomplished

Remember we learned to crawl before we could walk. Always see your efforts as a step forward.
Stick to your plan and push ahead!

2. Don’t listen to too many people it will only confuse your vision.

The minute you have doubts about what you are doing; possibly something isn’t going as planned, so you ask for advice. Unfortunately, guidance from too many people will only confuse you. Stick with what you know and a trusted individual.

3. You feel better Mentally

Never let that naughty voice in your head keep you from what you want to achieve.
We all have that annoying voice telling us we will never make it or we’re not good enough.
It is especially hard when you are trying to focus and complete something. Regardless of what goes on in your head try your best to be mindful. Keep your thoughts encouraging, and you will feel better mentally.

4. You will feel smarter and more knowledgeable

As a rule, attempt to complete whatever it is you want to achieve knowing that you are learning as you go. Your passion for what you are doing is one thing but pushing through the hard stuff makes you so much smarter! It is the moments of practice that helps you become more knowledgeable working with it every day. Even one hour a day is better than nothing at all.

5. Believing in yourself

Unquestionably this is one of the most important reasons to stick to what you want to achieve. Completing tasks and succeeding helps you with self-esteem. You start to believe in yourself.  Believing in yourself could change your life!

Hence, the next time it gets a little bit easier, and you perform better.
You are in the zone, and before you know it you are done!

6. Feel more confident

Why You Can Never Finish Anything And How to Finally Change It

Stay with your plans and finish your project and you will feel accomplished. Accomplishments give you a sense that you could do again with confidence. I believe that practice makes perfect. Therefore, finish that project and feel accomplished and next time it will be easier.

7. You will reach your goals

Realize when an obstacle comes your way it is an opportunity to learn something new. Completing a project is so much sweeter when you have reached your goals and what you want to achieve.

I hope this will help you to understand to never give up on your projects.


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