Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Do You Struggle to Get Things Done?

Are you struggling to complete a project, and you just can’t seem to find the motivation to finish? Despite all the time you spent working so hard in the beginning, maybe even money too, you just can’t find the motivation to finish the project. Moreover it is an awful feeling to give up on your dreams.

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” ―Winston Churchill

Dont give up on your dreams

If you absolutely want to see your goal through to the end, please read on to the end. You will understand why you want to make an intention, to never give up on your dreams. Really, you know dreams never die, they just keep reminding you they are there.

Often when we have dreams, life gets in the way and then your motivation to keep going falls away. Maybe you are upset about something unrelated to the project? Or you lose confidence in what you are doing?

Or possibly something has happened in your life that is preventing you from moving forward?

It feels terrible when you’ve invested so much of yourself, and somehow you lost the energy to keep going.
Where did it all that enthusiasm go? Why can you not push yourself to do it anymore?

Unfortunately, you have no motivation and no mater what you try, nothing seems to work?

You want to feel successful, not disappointed in yourself. It is important to note, this is the Number One Reason, you should never give up on your dreams.

If you lost the will to keep going. Where did it all go? Why do you feel you can’t do it anymore?

Do You Feel Unmotivated?

We all feel unmotivated from time to time. Does thinking about what you need to finish, make you cranky? We have all been there before, and it is frustrating. At the same time we really want to accomplish what we set forth to do.

Nevertheless, even though I wanted to give up, I researched and found these 7 Reasons to Never Give Up on a Dream, helped me keep to a plan and stay on task.

It got me out of that stuck feeling and motivated me to the end.

I am presently writing a novel, and I am at about 40,000 words into my book. It is a little bit of a puzzle right now, but I am motivated now after procrastinating for the last year not believing in myself. I am almost there, but my mindset is not quite there to continue writing.

I am accomplishing my goal, feeling better than I was before.

Why Do People Give Up On Their Dreams?

I can give you many excuses why I felt I couldn’t do it and wanting to give up. Not only was I too busy there were situations happening in my life that made it difficult for me to write. While the most compounding reason was, I felt I was not good enough.

There are lots of excuses we can put in front of what we need to do. I believe that these are the reasons why we give up so quickly. Giving up is more comfortable than pushing forward through the rough stuff.

7 Reasons to Never Give Up on a Dream

I will not give up! Don’t give up keep trying. You will be happy you did.

1 You started this project to change something in your life.

Why did you start the project? What did you expect to get out of it? Was it a long-term thing that would change your life for the better? These are all critical questions. 

You wanted to make things better for you, and maybe your family and that is a great reason to stick to your project. So stick to it! A change will happen soon!

2. Everything we do in life has its challenges.

I know it can feel like you will never finish whatever it is you set out to do, but you will. Write down the dates for the upcoming week. Under three days that week work an hour or two and stick to it.

Take it one step at a time and see how that works out for you. Set smaller goals, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Often it is the challenges that are the reason for not finishing and giving up on your dream.

3. It may bring you extra money and help you with small costs.

Eventually, it could replace your income if you keep at it. In the beginning, I know it is tough to look at a dollar as an achievement but feel proud that it is a dollar more than you had yesterday!

Also, there is nothing better than coffee money in the morning so if you make a goal to say I am going to make money to buy me coffee each morning that small goal is an excellent reason to keep going.

4. When you tackle learning a language or playing the guitar that is always a challenge at first.

I taught myself how to play the guitar and piano. I always liked the phrase, practice makes perfect, it made sense to me. If you keep going, you can’t fail, so keep on practicing and don’t give up so quickly, the rewards are incredible!

5. The fifth reason not to give up on what you are attempting to change or do in your life would be it makes you more productive.

In the sense that you have so much more knowledge. I believe that you should never stop learning. The brain is like a sponge and continuously takes in new information it loves to learn new stuff, and it makes you so much smarter and knowledgeable than you were before.

Besides, I think if you stop learning new things your brain turns to mush.

6. I want you to hang in there so you can raise your self-esteem.

Nothing is better for your confidence than finishing a long-overdue project. Even though it took you a few months or longer to complete, there is nothing better than the feeling of achievement.

So go mark some days on a calendar to complete those overdue projects, you will feel so much more satisfied.

7. The last reason to stick with it is, I want you to complete what ever it is you need to do so you will feel successful. You want to be happy so please keep going and never give up on your dreams!

I will finish my book, and I know I will feel good. The gloomy days are over, so if I feel unmotivated, that little voice inside me is there to remind me, don’t give up on your dreams.

This little phrase is ingrained in my mind and pushes me to keep going. So please if you are thinking of giving up on a project or whatever you have going, I hope that you will feel better after reading this post.

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Dont give up on your dreams