Work from home so I can be with my kids

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Work from home so I can be with my kids

Work from home so I can be with my kids. When I became pregnant I wanted to be home with my child

Throughout my life, I worked several years teaching and loved my job wholeheartedly. Once I became pregnant with my baby girl, my 6-months maternity leave, fortunately, rolled into 8-months. This being the permissible amount of time off to be home with my baby girl. At the time I remember thinking I wish I could work from home so I can be with my kids.

Despite the extra two months, I still found it quite difficult to leave her. By the time I had my second child, and home with my girls once again on maternity leave, I couldn’t imagine leaving them to return back to work again. And as much as I loved being home with my girls, our finances would not allow for me to stay home. I needed to go back to work. If only I had a strategy to work from home so I can be with my kids.

Blessed that I could stay home with my kids

After my maternity leave, I reluctantly went back to work as enthusiastically as I could possibly be. Within a week of returning the supervisor blessed me with, “the unfortunate news” that the school was closing. Whether it good or preceded to be bad this unfortunate news thrilled me and I felt nothing other than true happiness. Serious as the situation was, our livelihood at stake, I couldn’t help but revel in the opportunity to stay home with my beautiful little girls. Even so, I worried about our finances and how our little family would survive on our debilitated wage.

Figuring out a budget

Immediately, my husband and I sat down to figure our spending and made out a budget that we were both pleased with. Agreeing that it would be more practical if I stayed home rather than looking for another job. We would endure living reasonably and would cut back on some extras we were enjoying at the time. Fast forward a few years later and I presently work from home so I can be with my kids. Consequently, in the process of living, we had a delightful new addition, my third child a sweet little baby boy.

Presently I am working on the internet

Somewhere between changing diapers, doing laundry, making meals, I managed to squeeze in a little time to work on, “internet marketing”. Initially, from the beginning, I struggled to make a little money online in addition to working out of the home and occasional babysitting. Nevertheless, working for about 5 years on a fulfilling career as an “internet marketer” (affiliate marketing) allows me to be there for my family and also contribute financially. Even the slightest amount, in the beginning, helped pay bills and some extra activities.

Changed my life

I would have to say that the fact that I can work at home online has been rewarding not just to myself but to my family. Working from home has changed my life, and I hope to give you inspiration if you are in the same boat I was in! It is a work in progress and it keeps getting better. So change your life and draft a life you will love so you can be home with your kids.

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