Finding Your True Self is Like Going Back Home.

Live A Better Life Setting Intention

Finding your true self is like going back home to happiness. In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk around Personal Development. Personal development is an essential part of personal growth. Maybe you are feeling lost? 

My Journey

My crusade ignited when my kids became independent teenagers, and I suddenly felt empty, not knowing my purpose. I wasn’t unhappy. I really love my life, but something was missing.

When you are going through your personal growth, you actually become more aware of your connections to others instead of becoming more individually focused. Consequently, your universe unfolds, as does your awareness of the opportunities around you.

Your Journey to Self-Discovery

  • If you feel empty of meaning and purpose and you don’t know what to do, start looking inside.
  • Ask yourself the big questions, like why am I here?
  • On your journey to self-discovery, explore different avenues.

Exploration is an enjoyable way to find your road to contentment and happiness. My blog includes my personal growth, struggles, as well as highlighting my maturity. Witness my exploration with the many different ways to strengthen my ME.


I’m a bit of a spiritual person, and it is my hope that my personal experiences will help you. Perhaps my blog will help inform you, so you will feel better to tackle your own personal growth.

I am especially drawn to activities that require you to use your intuition to look within. My hope is my personal experiences will encourage you to think about life from many different perspectives. Mindset is huge in creating a happy life!

A fresh mindset creates eagerness inside, so you feel more satisfied in your life to wake up each morning and face another day.

Although we have our achievements, we still feel empty. Personal growth helps you find meaning and purpose in life. Through one’s own development, you discover contentment and happiness.

Please keep an open mind on your search for personal fulfillment and explore beyond traditional understandings to a spiritual knowledge within. Use your intuition to guide you like a map guiding you on your journey to a happier you!

By transforming your mindset, you change your life to creating a happier life. A new mindset creates eagerness inside, so we feel more satisfied in our lives to wake up each morning and face another day. Know that through personal discovery, finding your true self is like going back home.

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What is your approach to personal development?

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Erin is the Editor-in-Chief of My Life Draft. She lives in London Ont Canada and works in digital media. She loves her family and Goldendoodle, Sundance. Her favourite pass time is to walk or run on the trails in nature. She hopes to inspire happiness and to be the best version of yourself.

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