Dream of a Life You Desire From Where You Are  

What is Spiritual Health and How can it Change Your Life

If you dream of the life you desire and focus on what you want, it will eventually come to you. If you focus too much on unhappiness, it will eventually find a way into your life.

Though you sometimes find yourself in a less than favourable situation, it is really hard to see a better day.

You are stuck, and to be happy or content is really hard to feel. It is impossible to feel good when outward struggles get in your way. It is even more complicated when you are really trying to make things right, and it just isn’t working.

If you can make some peace with your circumstance, your understanding will be from a deeper place, and you will start to feel better.

Invite peace into your life, sit quietly, and accept that this is your situation. Then you can move on to create new ideas and solutions in your life. You are the author of your life, and if you look at it from a different perspective, your circumstances are easier to deal with. Be mindful of the negative thoughts that you have in your head. They are creating your life every day!

My belief is Your thoughts mirror your life.

For a good portion of my life, I worked teaching preschoolers. I loved my job so much it gave me so much satisfaction! I wanted to stay home with my child when I became a parent. Only our finances wouldn’t allow it. I had a hard time going back to work to leave my beautiful baby girl.

Luckily my six-month maternity leave became eight months, giving me more time to be with her.

Despite the extra two months, I still found it quite difficult to leave her.
A couple of years went by, and I had another beautiful baby girl. I loved the time spent at home being with my girls. It seemed to fly by, and before I could blink, I was back at work again. No matter how much I loved my job, I was saddened every morning I had to get up and leave my beautiful babies.

Blessed with unfortunate news

I reluctantly went back to work as enthusiastically as possible, but I was really unhappy. I missed them every day I walked out the door. It didn’t make sense to me to work with other children when I had my own that needed me.
The supervisor blessed me with the unfortunate news within a couple of weeks. The school was closing their doors. No words except true happiness entered my heart, and the thought of being a stay-at-home parent, no matter how impossible it seemed, entered my mind.

Figuring out a budget

Immediately my husband and I sat down to figure out our spending and made a budget that we were both pleased with. After much discussion, we decided that it would be less stressful and more practical if I stayed home.
We cut back on some extras we were enjoying at the time. Within another year, I was pregnant with my sweet baby boy.
My three kids have grown into wonderful adults, and I believe the law of attraction was on my side, following my every thought, which allowed me to stay at home with my babies.

I feel truly blessed.