7 Interesting Facts About Numerology

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7 Interesting Facts About Numerology

Have you ever wondered about Numerology and how it relates to your life? Here is a list of 7 interesting facts, about Numerology to guide you to manifest the best life! Look at your Life Path, Destiny and Soul Urge number and discover a new direction. Numerology explores the numerical value of letters in your name, your birthdate and their presumed importance in your life. Also meaningful is the divine relationship within a number and how it connects to you spiritually in your experiences.

I honestly feel if you are feeling lost this is a way for you to understand each other in our personal lives and most importantly who we are on this earth.

How Do Numbers Affect your life?

In the last couple of decades, Numerology has shifted from an art not widely understood to NOW being accepted in mainstream life. Clearly, the idea that numbers can help with self-discovery draws people in and confirms this time and time again. Your numbers are like a guided numerical map to life, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.

Read About: The 7 Interesting Facts About Numerology.

These 7 facts will help you understand how working with numbers can improve your life!

1. Practicing Numerology is an excellent tool when you need guidance in your life. There are many fantastic ways in which your life connects to the cosmos through the astrology of numbers. If you are a skeptic, consider numerology for a moment with your birthdate and figure out your Life Pth Number. Your birth date’s numerical value, add all the digits from the day to month and year to a single-digit—for example, May 16, 2001 (5+1+6+2+0+0+1=15 1+5=6Your Life Path Number is 6.

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Is Numerology Really Effective?

2. Yes, discovering numbers through Numerology helps you determine what your strengths are as well as your weakness. When you work with Numerology, you find your life’s purpose.

3. Your Destiny Number lays out a pathway that shows you the direction to follow on your journey in life. Of course, Your Destiny Number is significant as it supports you in finding the direction and purpose. To determine your Destiny Number, you take the numbers that coincide with each letter of your full name in the chart below, reduce each name to a single digit, and add up the total.

4. Different from your Destiny Number, your personality number gives you a glimps of how others see you upon greeting. Furthermore, your Personality Number is a significant number that tells you of the many characters of YOU by determining which are the most apparent traits of your personality. Interestingly, you can observe your nature through Numbers so accurately.

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Which Are The Powerful Numbers In Numerology?

5. Certainly, the Master Numbers are 11, 22, and 33 are some of the most powerful numbers in Numerology. They often show up in your Numerology chart and they are well-developed immensely evolved numbers. These higher numbers are stronger than the single-digit numbers.

6. In contrast to your Destiny Number is your Personality Number which also uses the letters in your name and reveals insight into the real you! The process uses the consonants of your full name at birth. Your minor personality number would be a nickname or if you changed your name.

For instance, to find your Personality Number, add the numerology value of each of your names’ consonants and reduce it to a single-digit number. However, if you get a Master number, 11, 22 or 33, it is important not to reduce it.

Maya Lilly Green consonants are MYLLLYGRN = 5+8+4+4+4+8+9+6=48 4+8=12 1+2=3

1 J— , S 2 — B, K, T 3 — C, L 4 — D, M, V 5 — N, W 6 — F, X 7 — G, P, Y 8 — H, Q, Z 9 — R

Somewhat to protection, it discriminates who can enter your heart and who you need to watch out for. Also, when you need to be cautious. You will discover why some people leave the relationship and why other stick around. Numerologists help you understand what you are up against. With this in mind, many Numerologists can help you if you are having problems in your life. Why not get a Free Numerology Reading Here!

Another Interesting Fact in Numerology?

7. Surprisingly, Numerology and numbers proceeded back to the beginning of time 570 BCE and were studied extensively by Pythagoras. In fact, Pythagorean’s idea was to transforms each letter of the alphabet with its value in the chart below.

To be sure, if Pythagoras hadn’t been such a skillful mathematician, Numerology probably wouldn’t exist today. Not only was he a mathematician he made a tremendous contribution to astronomy and philosophy,

Interesting facts about numerology Pythagorean Numerology Chart

In general, Numerology is a great way to reach for guidance in your life!

Interesting Facts About Your Life Path Number in Numerology

Try it out and let me know what you think! 🙂

chart for each life path number in numerology

What You Need to Know About These Capitavating Numbers

Your Life Path Number is essential and is the sum of your birth date.

In summary, it’s important to know your numbers. Numbers such as Life Path Number, and Birth Number arrive from your birth date. The Soul Urge Number, Power Number, and Personality Number indicate the letters of your name. The energies related to each number vibrate with the synchronicity of life. Most likely in harmony with your spirit, to reveal your life path.

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7 Interesting Facts About Numerology

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