Be Happier With An Intention Setting Worksheet

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Be happier with an Intention Setting Worksheet

Be Happier With An Intention Setting Worksheet to use daily and make your 2021 year the best year ever! Intention Setting will help you to improve the way you live your life.

For a long time, I was living my life on autopilot, just doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing to get by. I had all the aspirations, but I didn’t believe in myself.

One day I stumbled upon Living with Intention and thought it sounded interesting. I did a lot of research and read tons of books and found out that it seemed to make the people who were practicing Intention, feel better. Their lives seemed to be happier and they had more fulfillment and success.

What Does Set Your Intentions Mean?

Let me help you understand what Setting an Intention means. It means changing from the state you are presently living in which is mostl likely upsettting and filled with discontent to a more fulfilling palce. Maybe you are comforming to what others want for you? Or doing just what you need to get by because you dont beliefve in yyourself? whatever the reason you can find a better place in life paracticing setting Intentions. It means turning off the news letting go of all the bad thoughts that maybe running around your mind and grabbing hold of the best things that will make you happy.

So here I am, May 2021, amidst a pandemic but slowly creeping out, and despite this, I am feeling happier. What did I do to achieve this? It was one new Intention every month that I introduced into my life. I focused my attention every day, three times a day on one particular Intention. learn how to Be happier with an Intention Setting Worksheet and sit down and figure out what you like in your life, what you love in your life and what you don’t want in your life. NOW focus your attention on what you don’t like and write the opposite of what it is and from there create positive intentions to make it better.

How Do You Manifest With Intentions?

Some good intentions to set are those that relate closely to what you want and make you happier in your life. Ask yourself a question like this, What do I want to see in my life? Once you decide what it is, then think about what do you need to change to achieve this? Change can be challenging, but if you approach it making small changes, it is far less impacting and happens gradually, for you.

My Intention for today is to experience greater levels of fun and happiness. Every morning, I write that down on a piece of paper. I carry that piece of paper in my pocket or purse all day long. At lunchtime, I go over it and say it out loud. If I have an opportunity to write it down, I do this. Then mid-afternoon, I look at it again, and at suppertime, I’ll go over it and write it down again. by bedtime, I say it before I go to sleep, and I write it down again.

I suggest throughout the day, you write it down 5 to 10 times so that your Intention sticks in your mind. Eventually, after a few weeks, that phrase is built into your habits, and before you know it, you feel different. Something has changed, and you feel better. If you look back at your month, it was much more successful than the previous month. That is the power of intentions and how to manifest them into your life.

What Are Some Good Intentions To set?

I intend to:

  • tap into my creativity side, working from a nonstressful place.
  • forgive myself and others
  • love and see the Souls in everyone
  • stop taking people so seriously and taking them personally
  • know my value in the world
  • see my prosperity and abundance trust my intuition and know that it is reliable
  • feel the freedom of life
  • focus on better foods for my body and have good health
  • live a life of freedom 
  • be kinder
  • listen better

To make change happen, you need to invest a little time, and as always, your heart has to be into it. Your best opportunity is to set an Intention at the beginning of the month. That way, you feel like it is a fresh new challenge for the month but at the same time something you practice going over every day at least three times. You can incorporate an Intention Calendar to keep you accountable every month,

It is equally important to write what you want in your Intention down, which allows you to look back to see your progress each day.

Writing down your Intentions is extremely powerful for you! The process of writing it down keeps you out of that negative space and holds you in more satisfying energy!

Worksheets can help you manifest your Intentions and make them more tangible for you. If you feel that this might work for you, download my free Intention Setting Worksheets.

How Do You Set A Powerful Intention?

Consequently, to set an intention that you are passionate about and are excited to get started, there are many different things to make this happen. You can do it. Some look to intention stones or have an actual ritual.

There are many ways in which you can Set Intentions For The Day. One of the most effective ways I find is through the use of aromatherapyAromatherapy could be with candles, incense, essential oils, or fresh-cut flowers in a bowl.

When going over your Intention, emotions and feelings play an essential role in manifesting what you want in your life. If you want to enhance your daily Intentions, creating a purified space for this often helps you authenticate your Intention.

Although finding this space may be a little bit of a challenge. However, if you have an active house, the bathroom could be an appropriate place for you. 

A quiet place in the park or the woods under a tree is an excellent outdoor place. On a sandy beach or sitting by the water connecting to the earth are great places too. 

When you feel calm and sense the surroundings as safe, you feel better. Your sense of smell is probably something you take for granted, and you don’t spend much time thinking about it when you spritz perfume on in the morning or light an aromatic candle, something about all that makes us feel better.

In the event that you pass a fresh garden on a walk, it can change the way you feel.

So stopping and smelling the roses is very underrated. All these scents interact with our emotions and well-being. Above all, unique scents activate your brain’s emotion and memory centers differently, creating a different feeling.

  • To manifest peace and calm in your life, chamomile or lavender scents have relaxing and stress-reducing properties.
  • For grounding, try eucalyptus, patchouli or sandalwood. Many fragrances have a cleansing effect and help you focus on connecting to your center.
  • For a boost of energy, try peppermint, grapefruit, or these scents naturally stimulate the mind and can increase mental alertness.

How Do You Set 2021 Intentions?

At the beginning of each year, you often feel this sense of, ‘what can I do differently this year to make it better than last year?‘ It just seems like a good time to erase the slate clean and start with a fresh, clean slate. Some people do this with New Year’s resolutions, but I find Intention setting a much more effective way to improve my situation and introduce something new. You can learn something new when you incorporate Be Happier With An Intention Setting Worksheet Intention Setting Worksheets.
Nevertheless, every year around the first of December, I sit down and think about what is in my life that I love and make a list of what I don’t like. Going through the list, I find out how I can change everything that I don’t like and write down what I can find to change it. The change may be something small, but even small changes work to make your situation better.

Be happier with an Intention Setting Worksheet

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