Happiness is Facing Things That Cause You to Be Unhappy

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When you explain to a struggling person that happiness is a choice, the more profound response to that statement is self-blame. Not to worry, it is a process that happens to all of us. Either you are in denial of that pain, or you come to understand that happiness is facing the things that cause you to be unhappy.

Happiness is facing the things that make us unhappy

I’m not talking about a person who suffers from depression, although seeing your depression for what it is can help — moreover, a person who is depressed from their circumstances or other happenings in there life.

First, let’s look at what depression means. Depression is a disorder that negatively affects how you think, feel and act. As such, the activities that were once fun to you become unenjoyable.

If you suffer depression, it often only takes one unfortunate circumstance for you to fall into sadness, not knowing when you will return.

Then one day, the light comes in, to your heart, and you feel better and more like yourself again.

For many individuals immersed in their depression, this is the norm of their everyday existence. And others live on the edge, teetering, not knowing when they will fall into the depressive dark hole. Often it is more comfortable for people who suffer to live in despair than the chance of getting outliving that cycle again.

I am not a person who feels the wrath of depression, but I have someone close to my heart that suffers most days. My heart goes out to you if you live with depression, or you know someone who does. It can be a hard and sometimes debilitating illness that affects not only the patient but the people supporting them.

But, I too know what it feels like to be, terribly sad.

Although I have been depressed about certain situations in my life, I don’t consider it to be the same thing.

Feeling Sad Vs Depression

Just as important, Melancholy, a form of (unhappiness) is generally a consequence of feelings such as stress, anger, anxiety, tension, guilt and many more emotions. Often, you don’t even know you are unhappy because the other emotions are so strong. Once your situation mellows, you feel better.

Happiness is facing the things that cause you to be unhappy

Truly to get out of the dark place inside, it means finding the way out. Meaning, you need to see life NOT through such a dark lens, but through contentment, within your heart.

Of course, I don’t know what your situation is or what you have gone through. What affects me may not affect someone else and vice -versa.

People go through a lot of challenging stuff that tests their adversity in life. So at some point, we experience feelings of sadness.

There is Help in Unhappiness

However, I believe you can find happiness even if you are in the abyss of unhappiness. I hope you will read on and find help in my words.

If you are feeling sad now, to find happiness, it’s facing the things that cause you to be unhappy. Please take all the problems in your life and put them in the center of your mind.

Breathe bright illuminating light into your heart and realize you are the light, like the sun shining, radiating from your heart and all around you. Let the light sort out your thoughts that a rumpled and disorganized.

It is sort of like cleaning up your room and getting rid of the things you don’t want or need anymore.

We all have areas in our life that we would prefer not to face, the parts of our life that cause us pain and make us feel uncomfortable.

As a result, we don’t want to think about them or even talk about them. Thus what happens is, all those past wounds sit there and fester, scattered in the back of our minds.

The Power to Change Your Unhappiness

Happiness is facing the things that make us unhappy
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To let go of what is bothering you, you need to face those things that cause you to feel unsettled.

So instead of reacting from the place of fear and anger, you can bring those painful circumstances into the light aligning through your calming breath.
Breathe into your heart and realize you are the light, like the sun shining, glowing from your heart and all around you.

Now, ask the light to help you release these depressing circumstances and then feel your heart glow with radiating light.

If you need a problem solved, breathe and ask from this relaxed state, wait patiently, and the answer will come to your heart.

The first thought that comes to you is your help to transform those old feelings to something much more serving to you.

I hope this helps it works so well for me.

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Happiness is Facing Things That Cause You to Be Unhappy