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How To Find Your Passion And Purpose In Life

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How to find passion and purpose in life

It’s hard to function through life when you don’t know why you’re here in the first place! The answer isn’t found in a fortune cookie or at the bottom of a cereal box though I have heard rumours that sometimes it is. The answer lies inside yourself. You’ve just got to find it! Once you’ve identified what activities give meaning to your life, ask yourself why you are doing them. Exploring this will help you find Passion and purpose in life. Those are the things that radiate that special feeling in things that are important to you.

How to find passion and purpose in life

Some people may feel Passion for running because it is essential to their health and well-being, while others may love knitting because it allows them to create beautiful scarves that help support a family member with cancer.

Aim to have enthusiasm every day by looking at how different activities influence who you are as an individual. Doing so can lead you closer to finding Purpose in life!

Why Are We Here On This Big Blue Planet?

Why are we here on this big blue planet and working so hard, day after day?

For some people, the answer is simple. They were born to win and explore and have the best time no matter what! Their purpose in life is to live ONLY what makes them happy. However, finding Purpose can be difficult for others because many factors leave them stuck.

Everyone has drive and zeal inside, but often we get lost during this journey in life. Factors that interrupt our natural path in life can block a life we love. We all have family demands or financial struggles, and much more. When this happens, we feel drained of energy and enthusiasm because we focus on other things instead of ourselves. You should know that there are ways to discover Purpose by knowing yourself better and looking at the goals you want to achieve.

What Does It Mean To Find Your Meaning In Life?

Finding Purpose and meaning doesn’t usually happen overnight, but Passion must drive us to find meaning because satisfaction arises when intensity influences how we live our lives. If someone has a passion for playing sports, they may love waking up early every morning to practice before work, just like the runner who wakes up early to go running each morning.

People have a passion for their profession. Passion drives Purpose, and love for what you do often guides you to do things outside your comfort zone. It’s beautiful when Passion and Purpose meet, and your life seems to make sense.

How Do You Find Your Passion?

Ask yourself what you’d like to spend the rest of your life doing? What is your Passion? What makes you feel emotional and tingly inside?

Reflect on the Passion that drives you and determine if it’s important to you. Is it an activity or subject that will positively influence who you are as a person? Passion for what you love is exciting and enjoyable, so having Passion makes people happy. Usually, Passion evolves and develops into something that serves you and your community when put into action.

Pursuing your Passion means making sacrifices, so this may be obsessiveness or crazy long hours or just waking up early or staying up late. This extreme desire has a different mindset from everyone else but generally leads to happiness when all is said and done.

Once Passion and Purpose are identified, it’s time to put them together! How does this passion influence the work I do every day? It may require learning new skills or creating better habits, but whatever it takes, Passion is sure to increase focus during activities that bring Passion into one’s life. The more passionate you are about something, the more willing you are to let go of distractions, so Passion must come before comfort.

Passion can lead you to your higher Purpose. I believe your higher Purpose is a profound desire to help someone or something outside of ourselves with our knowledge and know-how. However, if you are unhappy, you may need help finding what you love to do.

Honestly, if you Are Happy In Your Life, then you are passionate about what you are doing, and you have found your higher Purpose.

What Do You Want in Life?

Identify what activities genuinely give meaning to your life. Activities that make you feel good inside. Doing things that make you happy defines who you are as an individual. Each person has their own set of interests and values that influence how they spend their time, even if this means long working hours.

Passion is defined as intense enthusiasm for something, making Passion hard to stop. It helps showcase your strength towards your ambitions, whether that Passion is growing crops or playing video games professionally. Passion will help power whatever needs fueling, so if Passion weakens, the hobby or activity slows in progress.

How Are You Feeling Every Day? 

How are you feeling now?

If you are feeling miserable right now or upset all the time, you may need to change whatever you are doing. If you dislike what you are doing and now maybe undesirable, you DO have the power to change this. 

Understand that this is the starting point of your Purpose. Somehow you got to this place in your life, and you can change this now! Today I am willing to change my ideas, so I change my situation and say it aloud NOW.

Your Purpose during the week may be going to work and making a living to feed your family. For most of us, our Purpose at night is to sleep a reasonable amount of hours, preferably eight, to renew for the next day.

Passion and Purpose often go hand-in-hand, but Passion is more inclined to be who you are, Purpose is more a realization of what you love to do and how you can present it to the world.

Simple but not easy. Your undesirable situation is not what you want, but we have to consider what we love to do before we can change it. What are you really good at? What can you do that you are constantly teaching to others? Maybe you are a great bowler, or you are a fantastic baker? Perhaps you like to knit or skateboard? Go and figure out what that is and write it down!

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. ~Eckhart Tolle

Where Do You Want To Be? 

Maybe you don’t like where you are in your life. Could it be a job or living arrangement? Consider one thing to change your situation? It does not have to be a whole mess of things, just one thing. 

Even just writing it down will make you feel better, and writing it down will help you move towards your desire.

Accept your situation as it is, and when you get a moment, you can rethink your circumstances. Acceptance of what you are going through helps you move forward to the next decision-making phase.

What Is Holding You Back?

Is it money that is holding you back? Then start a list of goals. (My goal is to find a better job in the next four months) Make sure your goals are realistic to you. Otherwise, you might get discouraged.

Today is a time you need to be mindful.

So, what is your Purpose in life today? Your Purpose in life is to keep doing what makes you happy. It’s not hard to think about what you want and be aware of what you love to do. If you are unhappy, be mindful and shower thoughts daydreaming of what you love to do. Hold onto those thoughts and go over them every day. Don’t wish them into your existence move towards them. If things are tough, look for a tiny bit of happiness in your unhappiness. For example, if you are in jail. Find joy in forgiveness and then some private journaling, keeping fit and exercising to stay healthy.

We all know that life can get busy and, at times, overwhelming. It’s easy to forget about what we really care about, but everyday life gets better if we write down our true intentions. An Intention Calendar gives you a simple roadmap take your life and live life the way you want.

Hopefully, this has helped shed a little light on finding your Purpose and Passion in life. Please leave a comment and let me know:)

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How to find passion and purpose in life