My Life Goals And How To Set Intention

My Life Goals And How To Set Intention
My Life Goals And How To Set Intention

Setting An Intention is a direction and action of saying what you want and committing to it through the day, week and month. A goal is a destination that one seeks to reach or meet in a specific time frame. When you go about your day, Do You Set Intentions Or Do You Set Goals

Intentions are promises, so whatever you promise yourself, it should matter enough to you so that when you fail, you go right back to your intention but maybe in a more manageable way.

My Life Goals Journal

Intentions guide your actions to achieve the goal. Intentions are about directing your energy and focusing on your idea of what makes you feel better.

Purposeful Daily Conscious Intentions build a habit and skill that will automatically help us achieve our goals, so maybe we should set Intentions instead.

Moreover, when you Set an Intention about something, your center your mind within that moment. Think of Intentions like the moon, vast and ever-present, while Goals are like stars, small but plentiful! To compose Intentions, you need them broken down into smaller pieces of work.

What Are Intentions?

Intentions are statements about what you want to experience or have in the future that will bring you happiness.

They are optimistic statements easily realized by doing a little bit of work every day.

Intentions are always for this moment because they have the power to help us live happier lives.

Intentions take advantage of the law of attraction, which states that “like attracts like.” That means if you want something good coming your way, think about it positively!
For example, your Intentions could be, “I can come home from work and spend time with my family instead of sitting comatose in front of the TV.”

Intentions can also be about daily plans such as going to bed early, waking up early, cleaning the house or giving up smoking.

Some Intentions can be about getting out of a bad habit like this Intentions could be “I will give my teenager some space,” while another Intention might be “Reducing alcohol consumption.” Intentions are all about wanting to change something in your life, whether it’s minor or major.

Think of Intentions as an agreement with yourself that you set every day. Intentions don’t have to be significant changes, but Intentions can also turn into big things if you commit to them thoroughly and believe in them.

My Life Goals And How To Set Intention

What Are Goals?

What are Goals? A Goal is an intention to achieve something later in time. The pursuit of goals is a human impulse and one that we all share. We want to improve ourselves in some way may be through education or some personal development program.

What drives us forward? Setting goals is an integral part of life. It’s the process by which we measure our progress and determine whether or not it was worth all those hours spent working towards our objectives! A goal is the desired result that someone imagines, plans for and commits themselves to a fixed time.
If you have a lofty goal, you can get there by instead focusing on Intentions. We give ourselves a chance to really enjoy what we have right now rather than only focusing on what we want next. Intention setting for the month is always possible! When you set a monthly Intention and go over it every day, you’ll notice it’s easier to be happy in your life as you carry on.

How Do You Set An Intention?

How you Set An Intention is straightforward; first, you need to ask yourself the question, Am I living life the way I want? If the answer is no, then you are in the perfect place. Your next question would be, what do I want in my life? Then you make a list of all the things that you want. Once you have your list, go over it and find the believable and most likely attainable things for you.

Then you write down your best intention!

An Intention Example

As an example: instead of having Intentions to “Take care of my body,” why not break this down into Intentions such as “Meditate every day” or “Run every second day”? These Intentions are much easier to realize, and even better is that it helps you create Intentions to reach your Intentions.

“Think of it this way, an intent is focused, and energy flows where attention goes.”

Set an Intention requires you to write what you want down and commit to that intention. Here are some examples.

I intend to speak my mind.

  • Be kinder.
  • I intend to listen more.

Or your Intentions can be more of an action.

  • I intend to keep my house clean.
  • No more snoozing but getting up as soon as the alarm clock goes off.
  • I intend to start running three times a week.

Setting An Intention For The Day

I always like to start a New Intention at the beginning of every month, and I write it down and make sure it is the right plan for me that month. Once I write it down, I put notes on my phone to remind myself throughout the day. I also put sticky notes on my bathroom mirror and around the house.

When I wake up every morning, I go over my intention. I internalize it by saying aloud verbally and then visualize it at that moment like it is happening to me. But remember, your intention needs to be believable, or it won’t work out for you.

Intentions need attention throughout the day. In the morning, go over it a couple of times, especially when you first wake up. At lunchtime, go over it again. You can think about it, and that gives it power. Throughout the afternoon, go over it again, internalizing and getting lost in those 20 seconds of bliss. Again go over it at dinner and then again before you go to bed. Often you may forget, or you may be busy. Simply continue where you are and keep going. Although it may seem repetitive, that is the point of getting it to stick in your subconscious memory.

I usually like to write my intention down several times during the day. After about a week, your intention is so automatic you barely need reminders anymore. By the end of the month, you feel that things have changed towards your Intentions, and your life feels more in line with the way you want to live it.

When you follow your Intentions, they are the building blocks of your goals. Think about Intentions as an opportunity to enjoy the process of getting to that goal!

I look at Intentions as a plan you make but leave it open for when it’s time to decide. For instance, if I want to be happier, being intentional allows me to focus on how I want to be in the moment, free of whether you are “winning or losing.”

We all want to live a better life. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that little things can make the biggest difference in our lives. That is where Intentions come into play. All of these intentions are designed with one thing in mind – making your life better! Sign up for a Free Intention Calendar today, a place to write down your intentions so you never have an excuse not to take action on something that will impact your quality of life tomorrow!

So do you set intentions, or do you set goals? You set intentions to accomplish your goals. It’s as simple as that!

To live with intention, what does that mean to you in your life? To live with intention means to live with purpose or aim. Make a plan to do things differently.

Set some intentions to keep you accountable and put them in your calendar.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you approach your Intentions.

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