Open Your Heart To The Light And Feel Better

Open Your Heart To The Light And Feel Better

Open Your Heart To The Light And Feel Better – Life can be challenging when there are too many stresses around you. You may need to come together and have a peaceful moment. What happens when you open your heart to the Light? You give healing to your life.

Set An Intention To Feel Better

When you’re feeling down, take a moment to connect with yourself. Light a candle, close your eyes and set an intention to feel better. Setting an intention will help bring peace of mind trusting that it will be fulfilled soon enough.

An intention is a powerful tool that we can use to shift our perspective. When your heart feels heavy, try setting an intention to brighten your day. Not only can this bring some much-needed respite, but it also sets up an energetic pattern of positivity too.

Light begets light, so set an intention and see if it fuels your heart with warmth and comfort.

Intentionally engaging in the Light is the most compassionate thing you can do for yourself. Whether it’s allowing yourself to take a break and breathe or remembering your worth and releasing any stress that has built up, give yourself permission to really feel better.

How Do I Open My heart?

Focus on your heart center and remember what you love. It could be when your child was born, maybe when they graduated or even got married. You could feel love walking in nature in the woods or by the lake. All that you love will open your heart. Hold on to that feeling and let it wash all over you.

Keep focusing on your heart and imagine a beautiful bright light coming out from your heart and radiating outward with each beat of your heart and breath.

Feel as the Light reaches the outer body, and its essence surrounds your entire Being. Imagine beautiful pristine Light purifying your physical body and mending with the soul.

If you have problems feeling the spirit move your hands to your heart, close your eyes, and feel love all around you. Feel the beating of your heart within the body and in your hands. The heart beats for you every second of the day. Reach deep within your mind and imagine all that you have loved. Let love’s radiant Light shine down upon you like the sun on a warm sunny day.

Hold Your Body To The Light

Open Your Heart To The Light And Feel Better

Hold your body to the Light imagining the Light coming down from above through the top of your head and moving down towards the shoulders and chest through the stomach and out through the groin.

Let it roll down your hips to your thighs and knees and out to the bottom of your feet. Then imagine a great light in the center of the earth moving up through the earth to your feet and meeting with your divine Light in the body.

Mother Earth and divine Light work together to ground you. This exercise makes you feel better when you are feeling out of sorts.

Begin your day in a positive vibration, breathing in the Light, and it will linger within you throughout your entire day. Good vibrations and an open heart will guide and protect you like a forcefield, like A shield of brilliant Light.

Close Your Eyes And Take Deep Breaths

When life gets overwhelming, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. When you do this, the tense feeling in your body begins to diminish, and you can start to sense a gentle light pervading your being.

As you inhale deeply, imagine this light entering through the top of your head and travelling throughout your entire body, filling it with warmth and a reassuring feeling of peace. Visualize it within your heart.

With each breath you take, feel how the light brings more peace to everything around you. Imagine the light radiating from your heart center, illuminating all darkness within yourself.

As the light grows brighter, you feel a sense of comfort, security, and inner strength. Allow yourself to stay here in this state of love, peace, and connection as long as you need to feel fully recharged. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and return to regular consciousness.

Place your hands on your heart and visualize a warm, loving light emanating out of it.

With your eyes still closed, bring one hand to the center of your chest and place it over your heart. Visualize a warm, loving light emanating out of it, radiating out in all directions. Feel your connection with this positive energy and allow it to move through your entire body. Notice how your physical body feels as this sensation fills it up with love, joy, and peace. Allow yourself to stay here for a few moments until you feel fully connected to the energy of love.

Take time to focus on the light growing brighter with each breath you take

As you take each slow and steady breath, notice the light of your heart growing even brighter. Connect yourself to this loving light and let it go deep within your soul, searching for untapped potentials and parts of yourself that need to be accepted and loved.

Focus on how this power of love can heal a pandemic of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments by bringing a sense of calmness to all areas of your life.

Open yourself to this power and let its wonderful vibration spread throughout your entire body

As you open your heart to the light, feel its vibration stirring within your being and take a few moments to witness its beautiful brilliance. Enjoy the incredible feeling of this power flowing through your veins and acknowledge the healing feeling that comes with it. Now, imagine yourself surrounded by this light and allow its wonderful energies bathing you in a sea of bliss.

Let the Light of the divine hold you well throughout the day

You can experience this Light meditation daily if it makes you feel better.

Let the Light of the divine hold you well throughout the day and keep you grounded with mother earth. Engage in positive thoughts even when you feel depressed or displeasure. Situations are better when you stay in the flow of love. 

We all run into troubles at some point in our life. These are the best times to practice opening your heart. It is your wonderful Imagination that takes you on this journey of Light surrounding absorbing into the body and healing. 

The Light is so bright and divine, building up from the center of your heart and glowing all around you. Feel the beautiful force work through every cell. When you start to feel better, you know your heart is open to the Light.

You Have Just Experienced Light Meditation

Light Meditation is very healing and is working from this lovely source within.

If you’re looking for a way to feel better, try opening your heart to the light. You might be surprised at how good it makes you feel. And if you need a little help getting started, make it your Intention every morning to heal with the Light. Give it a try and see how much better you feel when you let the light in. Feel the beautiful force work through your cells. The Light of your imagination is powerful!

We all have the ability to open our hearts and feel better. It is a matter of setting an intention to do it. When you set your intention for the day, you are more likely to notice opportunities to open your heart. Download my Free Intention Calendar to help you get started setting daily intentions. I hope you will join me in opening your heart to the light and feeling better as a result!

Opening your heart to the Light helps you will feel better. Let the healing happen!

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