Happiness Is The Meaning And Purpose Of Life

Searching for meaning and purpose will lead you to happiness?
Searching for meaning and purpose will lead you to happiness?
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Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life. To live in Happiness generally means you are connected to a life you enjoy. Odds are, if you are unhappy in your life, you are doing things that you don’t really like or care about. With this in mind, when you search for meaning and purpose in your life, it will lead you to Happiness.

“You don’t become happy by pursuing happiness. You become happy by living a life that means something.” — Harold S. Kushner

Searching For Meaning And Purpose Will Lead You To Happiness

If you don’t care and really don’t like what you are doing, life is boring and not exciting.

If you work a lifeless job and hate everything you stand for, these things contribute to an unhappy life. It is time to ask the question, Why am I doing this?

I hate it! I need a better life now!

Why would you live a life doing what you hate? nevertheless, with all the choices in life, why would you settle for something less?

Why Do We Choose to Live A Life of Pain and Suffering?

Somewhere between being a kid, a teenager, high school, college, and your so-called great job, you got lost. The only way to find your way back is to stop and think, why?

Why am I living this miserable life when I could be doing something else that is far more rewarding and meaningful to me?

Create the life you love with the things that give you meaning. It is so true, especially if the things you love to do mean something to someone else and adds value to their life. The rewards can be huge! Please find inspiration in these words.

We all hold a special skill, a super-power that no one else possesses. It may take a while to think of what you like to do. We all have that interest that makes us truly happy. It could be building canoes, fixing bikes, or knitting hats?

What Does it Mean to live with Intention?

Is Happiness is the ultimate purpose of life?

Can you think of a special talent you might have? Something you are really good at? Something that you are truly passionate about? While this may be your hobby, it makes you feel good inside and thus. You could do it every day.

What fulfills you can sustain you, and this is what you are put on earth to do. As a result, you’d be living with meaning and fulfilling your purpose.

Right now is the best time to share your passions with the world. You could really be making a difference in someone else’s life. Surely, there is something meaningful to you, something that you are already creating that is incredibly valuable to someone?

The value in what you create helps others who don’t have a clue. You need to show the world your enthusiasm!

The world needs more dynamos, more go-getters. Grab whatever you need to get your project going, and go for it! It really doesn’t hurt to try!

It has never been easier to present your skills and make it your profession! Your wonderful craft will give you satisfaction and contentment for a lifetime! Nothing is more rewarding than doing what you love while helping someone else.

Your life only gets better, and suddenly you witness everything that you always wanted slowly fall into place. You are happier and finally feel like living is fun!

The Pursuit of Happiness Can Get You Down

Research suggests when placing great emphasis on Happiness, people tend to be more unhappy. Iris Mauss, a social psychologist at Berkeley, studied the possible negative consequences of seeking Happiness.

It is something that I have personally learned. The more time I spent seeking Happiness for myself, the more miserable I felt.

Don’t waste your precious time seeking Happiness. You may get tiny bursts of joy, but it doesn’t last. It is always around the corner but never comes.

Consequently, it is not about the pursuit of Happiness. Moreover, it is about searching for meaning and purpose that will ultimately lead you to Happiness?

Happiness is a contribution, finding meaning in what you produce and the substance you can offer to the world.

Do something that makes you feel good and becomes a habit. You may have some bumps and hurdles, but you will keep going if you love what you are doing.

Eventually, what you are passionate about will be your livelihood. When you contribute your knowledge, it shifts to something much bigger.

Your small efforts are part of a larger purpose, one of commitment, contentment, excitement, peace, and Happiness.

Is Happiness The Ultimate Purpose Of Life?

I believe that your purpose in life is to do the things that make you laugh and smile. Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, so you need to get out there and do some soul searching. What do you love to do? What is so much fun to you that you think of it all the time. That is what fulfills all your wants, satisfies your needs and may actually be your purpose in life so you can be happier.

When you seek meaning, you recognize opportunities. It asks the question, “Is this what I want to do to contribute to the world?” Here could be your purpose that is your life.

Know that unhappiness is a falsehood to who you are. Only You can recognize the false made-up self, someone you truly are not. Consequently, never believe you should be something else than who you are.

Be your best authentic self and welcome who you are, and your meaning and purpose will lead you to Happiness!

What do you really love to do? 🙂 It could be what keeps you happy for the rest of your life. Let me know in the comments.

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