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Open your heart to the light and feel better

Open Your Heart to the Light and Feel Better

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Life can be a challenge when there are too many stresses going on around you, you may feel like you need to come together and have a peaceful moment. What happens when you open your heart to the light? You give healing to your life.

How Do I Open My heart?

Focus on your heart and remember what you love. It could be when your child was born or getting married? Graduating or walking in the woods. All that you love will open your heart. Hold on to that feeling and let it wash all over you. Keep focusing on your heart and image light entering your heart and radiating outward to the outer body allowing the essence to then encapsulate you. Read More »Open Your Heart to the Light and Feel Better

15 minute manifestation review

Check Out My 15 Minute Manifestation Review

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Do you have troubles manifesting abundance in your life? Check out my 15 Minute Manifestation Review!

Today I came upon something really amazing and quite simple. Although it is perfect to incorporate into your daily life without having to adjust your busy schedule.

I am an investigator of all sorts of things and I like to try different methods to fill up my happiness and this particular product 15 Minute Manifestation sounded interesting to test and review.

Eddie Sergey Website

I found the video ad a bit gimmicky and long, but the gentleman behind the product by Eddie Sergey sounded sincere.

The fact that it had a 365-day guarantee supported my decision to try it out. If it does not work I will get my money back.

Not to mention the price was not too bad under $100 however, I got it on sale for $45.

So what is 15 Minute Manifestation it all about?

15 Minute Manifestation is about changing the way you think about abundance. Shifting your thoughts from scarcity to abundance. This involves the brain and theta waves which really interests me!Read More »Check Out My 15 Minute Manifestation Review