The Best Approach To New Moon Intentions

The Best Approach To New Moon Intentions
The Best Approach To New Moon Intentions

The New Moon is a great time to Set Intentions, but knowing the Best Approach to New Moon Intentions will help you today. We all make unconscious decisions throughout our day, every day. These are our thoughts that drift from one to the next, and we live either a happy life or an unfulfilled life. Yet, conscious Intentions are so important in our lives, especially if you are unhappy. When the Moon is new, this “birth” energy can help push your Intentions to accomplishment.

What Is Required For New Moon Intentions?

Intentions are powerful! Even small changes in your life can transform you as a person, and this is why we need to take some time and think about what we intend to do with our lives.

The New Moon is a time to release what no longer serves you and Set new Intentions for the coming month so you can manifest your desires more easily. When you send out your New Moon Intention, it takes root and becomes a reality once the new Moon comes full circle and turns into a full moon. During this moon phase, one can expect to manifest more rapidly.

Have you ever heard that saying, “you will get more of what you focus on?” It’s true! If you’re constantly worrying about how your boss might fire you, guess what? You’ll be stressed out and anxious all day long. It’s important to take a break from these thoughts and focus on something else. You can make new Intentions any time; nevertheless, set an intention that will change tomorrow on the next New Moon.

The first step is to reflect on where you stand in life and what YOUR version of success is. If you’re unsure, think about what would make this next year better than the last. What goals reflect who you want to be in the world? How do your goals align with who you are now?

Visualize yourself already having achieved the Intention

It may seem counter-intuitive, but it works! You can feel this approach working like creating your Intentions with the Moon feels true-to-life for you.

The New Moon Intentions approach is more about cleansing negative patterns

Get very still. In order to introduce a new Intention, you need to clear space

Moon energy is potent, and it affects our emotional state and subconscious mind or, as some call it – chakras.

Write Down Your Intention

on a small piece of parchment paper. You can use different coloured inks to set Intentions for each specific chakra if you are familiar with that, or black ink is fine too. After writing your Intentions down, place the Intentions beneath your favourite crystals.

Get very still.

There are many options, but I particularly like Intention Candles. I love using them because they also come in different colours corresponding to the chakra system. Or choose your colour based on what you want to manifest!

The Best Approach to New Moon Intentions

New Moon Meditation

  1. Find a quiet place to sit and get comfortable
  2. Close your eyes and take some relaxing breaths
  3. Think about what you want from the New Moon
  4. Sit outside or gaze out a window towards the New Moon and set your Intention
  5. Set an Intention for yourself or someone else that you care about.
  6. Stay in this space feeling peace for at least 3 to 5 minutes.
  7. Before bedtime, you can also do this by laying back and visualizing a New Moon.

It’s hard not to feel overcome by the energy of the new Moon. Keep breathing like you usually do.

I hope these ideas help define your path and how best to put your energy into making changes happen in your own life.

What is A New Moon

The New Moon is a waning moon, the time of the month when a new cycle begins, and the complete Moon will appear as a new crescent in the sky. A new moon can also be called a dark Moon or simply ‘no moon.’ During this potent period, take time and set Intentions for your future goals.

The New Moon is the perfect opportunity to set Intentions. Anything from big life goals such as owning a house or landing that dream job to Intentions like finding love or improving health.

What Does It Mean To Set Intentions?

When you work with Intention, this means you intend to do something, or you’re working with an aim or purpose.

Intentions are a central component of our lives, and it is the mental state that determines how we behave, what we believe and what we do for ourselves and others. Likewise, Intentions have existed for as long as humans walked this earth, with the purpose of getting the desired result. When you work with Intention, you intend to do or bring about an aim or purpose.

How To Set Intentions:

  • Find a spot where you feel calm, safe and secure. Ground yourself in good energy with an open heart and an open mind. (If you have kids, it could be in the bathroom)
  • Sit and get comfortable. Close your eyes and listen to your breaths.
  • When you feel ready and safe in your peaceful place. Hold for three seconds and take a long cleansing breath out. 
  • Imagine the space around you bathing you in a peaceful, beautiful, soft bright light. 
  • Breathe the light into your lungs and every corner of your Being. 
  • You will feel tingly and light.
  • Visualize what your Intention would look like over in your mind and say it aloud if you feel you can. 
  • Sit in this peaceful space for as long as you like.

In many cultures, intentions are a means to manifest your dreams. Even though some might argue intentions don’t work, those using Intentions extensively will definitely tell you otherwise.

Why Do We Set Intentions With The New Moon?

So here we are looking out at the sky, and we notice a tiny sliver of a moon, there is no particular reason for us to be in sync with the phases of the Moon, and yet we find ourselves increasingly so. The fact that these cycles even exist makes this connection just feel right.

They may be Intentions about your relationships, work, or even just feeling more balanced and centred in your everyday life. The fact that we’re experiencing this new Moon is just another reminder to explore our intentions and dreams and put them into action.

However, there is no such thing as good Intentions or bad Intentions. It’s really what Intentions come from inside of you and how they serve you personally. Every individual has intentions for themselves, but we all have different reasons why and if and how we pursue them, so YOUR Intentions should be personal to you, no one else.

This is why we need to take some time and think about what we intend to do with our lives.

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What Is A Good New Moon Ritual?

This is a New Moon Ritual whenever you are praying with the New Moon or creating with an Intention under the New Moon. Always come from a place of self-love. Take three deep breaths before looking up at the sky towards the Moon. Say your Intention silently, once with determination, then again more softly with gratitude. Feel free to sing, hum or whisper. It’s only you and the new Moon, no one else, and this is what sets you free and puts you at peace.

Finally, after you’ve said your intentions, just sit back and meditate on them for a few minutes.

You can use this ritual any time of the year, but it’s most powerful when used during the new moon period. It is also encouraged that you don’t change too many things at once. Let each Intention go for the Universe to take care of.

What is your New Moon Ritual?

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