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We Are In This Together
Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

We all have something in common, while together we exist on earth. We internalize it, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to click in until a time when we share something that affects us all. Deep within you, your whole Being feels the Oneness of everything at that moment.


What does this mean? Well, we’re not just connected to one individual or family members and relatives. We know and love these people, but we are connected to all individuals on this planet earth. We are connected to our human race.

Humans from this abundant blue, green and brown planet have this one undeniable fact in common. We’re in this together, which means we are not separated. We are connected. We are brothers and sisters.

Sure we may not get along sometimes. And maybe we may not think the same, and we may talk funny and look different, but these are the things that make us all unique and attractive!

No matter how you look at it, it is unmistakable, we are in this together. I believe for us to survive, this knowledge is what matters most. And if we come together as one purpose, this creates unity. Unified people for a positive cause can generate tremendous, magnificent change.

Each person making a positive change, however small, affects us all on a global scale. When we work together, the world feels the effect.

We Together are Responsible for All that We Do No Matter What.

If we want notable change in the world, it is not up to your neighbour or current philanthropists, it is up to You. You and only you are responsible for what happens in your life. When you change, and things get better for you, it gets better for everyone else too.

Everyone connected with you will feel the positive change, and it’s a ripple effect after that. If you are down, get up, find a way to break that sad self and get up and be the positive change in this world.

Do what you love. Be who you are, and love yourself. That’s often the change that makes a difference to your present situation.

Be All That You Can Be

In the last seven years, I recognized that I am very passionate about this world, including what went on before I arrived and what will happen when I am gone. 

Most significant, I am most passionate regarding what is happening Now.

Take whatever you are passionate about and give it a go. If you are worried about what others will say. You have to throw the WHO CARES card up as high as you can. Your passions are what make you feel good. They make you happy. I want you to fly with them. Don’t sweep them under the mat.

Embracing What is in Front of Us Now

If we can embrace our lives now with positive Intentions, the change will uplift all who live on this planet. Including species so small, they would be considered microscopic.

Embrace what is in front of you now. Give people a chance, accept all people for who they are, and care for our world. And, life for the next generations will be supported.

We sit in our homes, comfortable, in winter, for instance, in a protected world. All is at peace in this snow globe. Not so. Somewhere in the world, a person is starving. Somewhere, someone is suffering deeply, so far from our glimmering reality, forgotten and unseen.

The Sky is Not Separate from the Land or the Seas.

More than ever before, this unity of cultures that swirls around the globe like the land, oceans, rivers, and sky is crucial. The sky is not separate from the ground or the seas. They all work together in unison to create an abundant planet, so we can thrive.

Nevertheless, is it reasonable for us to feel separated? Separation is a tricky word. Separation happens in families though the family is the construct of what makes up our most intimate union.

Moreover, separation happens in school based on how someone looks or even where they were born.

That distinction draws lines between uniting and dividing.

Being in the minority is challenging and to feel like everyone else, or fit in. It often leaves us giving up what we want, and instead, we follow what others are doing.

Conformity is not a good chain of thought. Our differences make us unique when our diversity becomes threatened. We may feel ashamed of who we are? We feel separated and unhappy. Therefore it is natural to want to fit in.

 When the World is Full of Judgement.

Social connections are what make us happy and benefit our wellbeing.

We all want to feel like we belong to something. A group or tribe that will make us feel whole and needed. Connecting with others means being impartial, welcoming and open-minded. Relationships are supporting each other without judgement.

Believe it or not, our planet’s existence dated back 4.543 billion years ago. That means we are about four and a half billion years old! That pretty serious stuff!

Therefore, if we can stand together with compassion for the place we call home, Our lives will be better. Even the smallest acts of kindness are cause for a better world for us and future generations.

We are the human race, living here on Earth, linked to the same cause. To exist and grow and to face the challenges together. Living very different lives, and that is okay. We will collaborate with unique solutions.

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We are in this together