What Does It Mean to Set An Intention?

What Does it Mean to Set An Intention?

Is there a mystery to living a meaningful life? What Does it Mean to Set an Intention? Living and setting Intentions for a life you want means living in abundance and being your authentic self. Within, you fulfill your wants and desires in a self-serving way.

Creating an Intention is more about being the self you envision. You are altering things that you want to change. Remember, to make an Intention is to devise a plan. Still, it really is so much more than that. In effect, it’s allowing yourself to take time every day to set your Intention, which means you are mindful(aware) of seeing it through to focus on that goal.

What What does it Mean to Live With Intention?

Simplistic is often the best way to set a particular intention and manifest it just as efficiently. Moreover, the smallest Intention moves your life closer to Living in Intention and closer to what you want. “I will be aware of my thoughts today,” or “I will walk around the block.”

Honestly, I love setting an intention for each month and focusing on it daily. At the beginning of each month, your intention slowly but gently introduces itself to you. By the end, you know your Intention like it is your best friend.

Although you will recognize through experience that you cannot force an Intention. Obviously, if you don’t believe in your Intention, you won’t have the confidence to see it through.

Like all habits, it takes daily reminding to keep you stuck to your goals. Without a doubt, you are reminded of your intention every day when you realize what your day will be like. Moreover, Setting an Intention is like a GPS to where you want to go in life. You are travelling to your destination of happiness.

The driving force is your Intention, and your destination is your goal or behind your dreams of what you want in life. Use Intention to guide you. Otherwise, you’re just driving down a road with no purpose.

Leave Gentle Reminders For Intention:

Additionally, set the alarm with your Intention. Write it in your Intention Calendar or planner. Write on your mirror so you can see it every morning. Make a sticky note and leave them around the house. Put a reminder on your phone, so you see it every morning when you wake up. 

Or busy lives continually lead us in stressful directions, following what society says we should or need to do. It is changing your mind and living purposely, and this is when we become mindful of how we want to live and spend time on this big planet earth.

Imagine Your Perfect Day

From the start, visualize what you want your day to be like, and create it from your imagination. Design everything exactly how you desire your perfect day.

The night before, you want to create your day from when you get up in the morning to when you lay your head down at night. The sky is the limit!

As a result, instead of planning for what you think, others want you to start with what you desire. Start by taking out the, HOW will this happen and interject ONLY the DESIRE.

Intention Setting Exercise

Honestly, this is when you need to be straightforward with what you want in your life. It may take a while to reflect on your desired day, but don’t worry. It will come to you.

Furthermore, here are questions you might ask yourself: What do I value in my life? Where do I want to be in 10 years? What do I love to do? Who do I enjoy in my life? Do I enjoy being alone? Or do I like to travel? Do I like where I am living? If not, in what part of the country do I want to be living?

Imagine your best day and plant your imaginative seeds with love and grace. Generally, with precision and thought, you will erase the ideas you feel others may have for you and stick to your own ideas. 

Watch what happens to your life!

Setting an Intention that Works

Consequently, to start living your Intentional day, here is The Best Strategy to Set an Intention: take one of your thoughts planned for your perfect day and write it down. For example, maybe you don’t have time for coffee in the morning but wrote that down on your typical day. 

Add small actions to your daily routine. Of course, small changes in your life are essential to implementing little daily habits that reflect your values. Constant effort is the solution to achieving.

Unfortunately, you may feel uncertainty and disbelief while going through the transformation of living your days with Intention. And although life is not the same as it used to be, you’re feeling the untethering of your old ways. I firmly believe this is a good sign you are moving in different directions.

Likewise, the steps you take to adjust to your new values are what it means to set an Intention, as these small changes can change your life. So, what you do today will have a colossal effect on your life.

Live With More Intention

Nevertheless, the best method for Setting Intentions is without distractions. Distractions in your life sway you from your plans for the day. Notwithstanding, social media is huge, and carrying your phone everywhere you go means you are attached and distracted by all the beeps and twinkles.

Finally, every day we are bombarded by life. When you choose to change something in your life, it is good to let your family and closest friends know. Why? Under those circumstances, they will be there to support you.

27 Intention and Purpose Phrases

  1. I choose to be graceful 
  2. I prefer to live peacefully
  3. To choose peace and harmony in my day
  4. To choose to be strong
  5. Improving my ME
  6. I decide to help others
  7. I like to listen intently
  8. Be my authentic self
  9. To decide to go with the flow
  10. Work hard and do my best 
  11. Create peace in my day
  12. Enjoy life
  13. Give to the community 
  14. I choose to wonder 
  15. I choose to share 
  16. To help others in need
  17. To choose to be my authentic self
  18. I prefer to trust the Universe
  19. I choose to be brave
  20. To dance like nobody is watching
  21. I decide to help when I am needed
  22. To be the person my friends can rely on
  23. Choose love over anything else
  24. Expect to be successful and live in abundance.
  25. I intend to stop taking things personally.
  26. Intend to forgive others and myself.
  27. I plan to love unconditionally.

So, what does it mean to set an Intention? Well, always remember an Intention cannot be forced. You can’t set an intention that you don’t believe in.

If you’re interested in more, here is the Best Approach to Intention Setting in 2023!

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