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What Does Your Destiny Number Mean?

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The Complete Book of Numerology, by David Phillips.

Do you know what your Destiny Number is in Numerology? Have you ever wondered if we connect energetically to numbers? Numbers vibrate, just like Einstein said.

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

Everything has a vibration. Vibration, to me, is spiritual. To know your Destiny Number is a spiritual way to aid in the knowledge of your particular interests. Offering insight to show you how to manifest your Intentions.

We all have unique abilities, perspectives and skills which guide us to our purpose to experience life on earth. 

The number obtained from the letters in your full birth name our called the Expression or Destiny number.

Often it is ALSO known to be called the Lucky Number.

How Do You Find Your Destiny Number?

 First, To figure out what your Destiny Number is in Numerology, take the letters of your full name given at birth and write them down. Take each letter and match it with the number in the Numerology chart below.

Then reduce each name with the numbers to a single-digit then add up the total.

Here is an example:

Jane Edwards

Find the letter and follow it to the number above.

What is the Difference Between the Destiny Number and Life Path Number?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




1+1+5+5+ 12 (JANE)

5+4+5+1+9+4+1 = 29 (Edwards)

12 + 29 = 41

4+1= 5

The Expression Number is 5!

Second, once you find out what your number is, you can discover so much about yourself.

Numerology is all about the here and now. Your Destiny number also reveals a lot about your abilities but also your shortcomings. When you were born, you came here with these traits, and your name reflects this. Your name is not an accident.

What is the Difference Between the Destiny Number and Life Path Number?

Your Destiny Number is an essential element that guides you and compliments your Life Path number. And, your Life Path number describes and depicts who you are and your central purpose in life.

Often people upon receiving their Life Path reading, feel something is not right. They study the characteristics and feel they do not correlate with their personality. Maybe your Life Path Number assessment feels like some of the traits don’t fit right as you?

The elements of your Life Path Number just don’t seem to fit your personality. The beauty of Numerology is, once you blend this with your Destiny Number, everything seems to make sense. As a result, this will help you better understand your life purpose.

When you have your Life Path Number and add your Destiny Number into the mix, this is a tremendous compliment to achieve your life’s purpose.

What Does My Destiny Number Mean?

Do You Know What Your Destiny Number is in Numerology

Once again, your Destiny Number is determined by every letter in your full birth name.

Moreover, your results indicate the possibilities and direction you progress in life to manifest your personal goals. Above all, this number represents the person you endeavour to be with all the gifts, strengths, and weaknesses prior to coming into physical form.
Finally, Now you understand what to do! You finally know what your Destiny Number is in Numerology!

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What Does Your Expression or Destiny Number Mean?