What Is My Personality Number In Numerology

What Is My Personality Number In Numerology
What Is My Personality Number In Numerology

What Is My Personality Number In Numerology? – Your Personality Number as it relates to Numerology and how it affects you in your life is interpreted as your innermost desires and thoughts. People often have described it as the Inner Dreams Number.

“ Whenever you interact with people, don’t be there primarily as a function or a role, but as the field of conscious Presence. You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are.” 
― Eckhart Tolle

Although, your personality is usually much more cautious and guarded in its representation than the true you. Really it is the part that you don’t recognize in personal numerology reading as yourself. It can eliminate what you do not want in your life as well as the situation. Nevertheless, it also greets those things that immediately correlate to your personal character.

Personality Numbers can also be your subconscious hopes and wishes that sit tucked away. But despite being hidden, they are quite evident to others in how you communicate when you initially meet someone.

What Is My Personality Number In Numerology

If you think about who you are, it is different than how others observe you. We all have an outer shell we project often to cover up the real vulnerable part of who we are.

We don’t want people to see us in this way. Nevertheless, people often can see right through you, no matter how you try to keep it hidden. Personality Number is the Outer You!

That said, introductions may be easy and welcoming or not interesting at all.

Simply put, your Personality Number shows how others perceive you.

How Does the Personality Number Work?

The Personality Numbers work from the consonants of your full name at birth. If you want insight into how others see you in this world, as well as the characteristics you bestow. These factors reveal how others perceive you preceding getting to know you.

To get your Personality Number to, transform your FULL Birth Name and letters into Numbers. Add ONLY the consonants together. If you get the numbers 11, 22 or 33, leave them as Master Numbers.

Use the chart below.

What Is My Personality Number In Numerology

In the study of Numerology, everyone projects a number of characteristics that show others what you are like as an individual. Upon meeting you, these indications show an observer what you are like before officially talking to you.

With that in mind, the personality number is somewhat of a sensing tool for the vibes you send out. How it affects you in your life shows when someone comes into your space.

It separates people’s characteristics and decides whether to like them or not. We all know it is a feeling world, and if your heart feels good and your mind agrees, this is what makes you want to get to know a specific person better.

How Does the Personality Number Relate to People?

If you feel comfortable with someone from the beginning, this reveals the onset of a new relationship. The Personality Number is one of two central numbers taken from your Name Number.

To sum it all up, the Personality Number and how it affects you in your life is determined by adding the consonants that represent the advantageous part of your name.

I guess you could say the Personality Number helps balance the features of an individual’s name. You need the consonants and vowels to make sense of the word.

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