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What Makes a Person Truly Happy?

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What makes a person truly happy? We all want to be happy! Lately, there has been a lot of talk about happiness and what happy people do differently in their life. We all know that unhappiness is a part of human life. We can’t always have happy moments but for some reason, some people can snap out of unhappiness better than others.

What Do Happy People Do Better Than The Average Person

Are happy people born with more happy cells? I think they are. I did a little research because I was curious about what happy people do differently.

There are a lot of things that happy people do that are simple and easy to apply in your everyday life.

Some of the stuff I do already and I found a lot of great ideas to cheer you up. I hope you will incorporate these ideas to beef up your happiness into your life!

I am not a happiness Guru I just like to investigate happiness. Why are some so unhappy and why are others happy all the time? Most times it does not matter the circumstances.

What makes a person truly happy?

Here are 20 great ideas to try!

  1. Sing in the Shower (This is my personal favourite. My Dad use to sing in the shower he was a pretty happy person)
  2. Be brave even if you’re not. (Good advice but hard to do)
  3. Stay away from gossip
  4. Be romantic
  5. Be a positive uplifting person
  6. When someone tells you a secret keep it a secret. (unless it is life or death)
  7. Keep a paper and pen by your bed (great ideas come to you upon waking and if you aren’t careful they will just slip away)
  8. Be grateful and count your blessings
  9. Getting a good night sleep (very important)
  10. Giving your time volunteering
  11. Giving to a charity
  12. Don’t burn bridges forgiveness is important
  13. Take care of yourself (Mind Body and Soul)
  14. Stop judging people
  15. Stick to your goals
  16. Compliment others
  17. Celebrate others successes
  18. Accept your failures as learning experiences
  19. Happy people know they are responsible for their own happiness
  20. Be a good listeners

Unbelievable that these certain attitudes, behaviours and choices can lead to happiness. Even though it may be temporary it helps when you know you can feel better for a little while. This could quite possibly change your life!

Gradually you may even feel better using these pointers to cope with unhappiness in your everyday life. I want to inspire you to feel better with all that I can!

Leave a comment and tell me what gets you out of the blues. 🙂



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