How To Manifest Full Moon Intentions

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How to Manifest Full Moon Intentions

One of my most favourite things to do is watch the moon. When there is a full moon, read ahead, and you will learn How to Manifest Full Moon Intentions

The moon is important for many things, like maintaining the earth’s axis to stabilize our climate. The moon likewise creates tides, something that has been going on for thousands of years. However, when the Full Moon reveals itself monthly, this is an opportunity to restore your mind, body, and soul. The benefit helps you to align with who you want to be in life, vibrating with the oneness of the Universe every month. 

Not only is this an excellent time for an Intention setting, but it is also a good time to rid yourself of negative thoughts and old energy. Setting honest Intentions brings you closer to your True Self.

Full Moon Intentions is all about getting rid of negative feelings and emotions that drag you down in life.

If you want to set Powerful Full Moon Intentions, first, you must release old habits and stagnant energy to renew, cleanse and move forward.

“Enjoy the full moon, and let’s set Intentions for manifestation.”

How Do I Cleanse For A Full Moon?

Prepare your space so you can manifest with your Intention.

It is important to have a safe space where you won’t be disturbed.

Next, you need to do a space cleansing to get rid of the stagnant energy, so nothing blocks you from what you want to manifest.

This is how to Cleanse Your Space.
Cleansing is a fun, positive activity that could involve some of these items. Smudge sticks, Candles, Crystals, Charged water, and Reiki symbols and there are lots more.

This method removes any negative energy from your space and initiates your area concerning what you are asking when going forward with your Intention. 

What You Need To Know About Intention

Always make sure your Intentions are for good and do not impinge on someone else’s free will.

It is best to be prepared a couple of days before the full moon to manifest when setting your Intention.

Write in the present tense.

Remember Intentions need action. 

Stay positive: Thoughts are important, so keep them positive. Try and remove yourself from any negative people during this time. Or create a safe space for you so you may balance your thoughts.

If during your Intention setting process you have something more to add, it’s always welcomed. It s lovely to amplify your positivity during the process of manifestation.

You are clearing and relaxing as the Full Moon restores your energy. The Full Moon suggests fulfillment and empowers us to loosen stagnant energy. Your Intention also helps to free up any blocks you may have. 

How To Write Your Intentions?

I suggest you purchase a notebook or download my free Intention Setting Calendar to write down your Intentions; however, it is good to write on a separate piece of paper which I will explain in a minute.

Think of what you want that is missing in your life. Something that would improve your happiness and so you feel more content. Write your idea down in an Intention statement. For example, I am successful in all that I do. Although we can dream up a lot of things, make sure your Intention is believable to you. Don’t write an Intention that you would not believe and may be unattainable.

You could start with a mini Intention. Here is an example, If you want to live in a house of your own, I have more space to live in instead of (I have a new house). See how it is much more believable to you. Usually, it is just a mindset that needs guidance to believe.

You have to have faith in your Intentions, or it just won’t seem to happen for you. When you repeat your Intentions throughout the month, it slowly and gradually gets more real for you.

Furthermore, writing your Intention down gives you more power and clinches everything together. Just imagine what your life would look like and really visualize your Intention and bring it into the spotlight. The skies are the limit! Envision your Intentions and draw them closer to you.

 Every day throughout the month, wake up with your Intention.

Leave a little note beside your bed so when you wake up, you will see it.

Say it over in your mind. Write it down several times in a journal or diary. Say it aloud at lunchtime. Write it down if you can. Then again, at bedtime, say it over out loud and write it down again. Set a reminder on your phone, sticky notes on your fridge, Know that it is coming to your really feeling your Intention getting more real and believable to you.

How Do You Set Full Moon Intentions?

The night is here, and ideally, your Full Moon Intention is performed outside under the Full Moon. It is perfectly fine to do in your home looking out a window or your own image of the moon.

However, you need to cleanse the area by burning sage or sandalwood incense or a prayer to bring in more Light. I believe whatever works for you is the optimum practice.

Read your Intention aloud, sit embracing the Full Moon, feeling it coming to you in every part of your body. Use your intuition and follow any emotions that come up. If you need to add or change the Intention statement go with it and trust it will be taken care of.

Feel safe as the essence of love is surrounding you, encapsulating your Intention as you say it. If you have a prayer you would like to say, go ahead and say it. Then say thank you to the Oneness of life.

Now set your Intention statement between the palms with both hands together. Never disregard that the Universe is working in your best interest with positive energy vibrations.

After Intention Under a Full Moon – How to Manifest Full Moon Intentions

There are numerous advantages to preparing a cleansing bath after learning how to manifest the full moon Intentions Setting ritual. Use half a cup or of sea salt or Epsom into a tub of warm water. You can light candles or incense and play calming music. Taking your bath experience to the most relaxing moment, so you feel renewed.

You could also put lavender drops into your bath for a pleasant, relaxing aroma. Focus on your breath and connect with the divine.

When finished with your bath, let the water go down the drain releasing all your stagnant energy. Clean your energy, swishing away any negative energy that no longer serves and shooting your Intention to manifest.

How to Manifest Full Moon Intentions

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