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How To Manifest Full Moon Intentions Today!

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How To Manifest Full Moon Intentions

Manifesting Full Moon Intentions is the process of calling something into your life. When the moon catches the light of the sun and it shines back on Earth, we are in illuminance. The full moon nourishes our souls. The eight phases of the moon provide a sophisticated map for manifesting what you want by aligning you with these natural energies to purify this desired result until they become a reality!

What Do You Need to Do First?

  • It’s best to prepare a few days before a full moon
  • Eliminate negative thoughts.
  • Cleanse your aura.
  • Cleanse your space.
  • Write down your desires (Intentions).

Eliminate Negative Thoughts

The Full Moon is an excellent time for Setting Intentions, but it is also an ideal time to rid yourself of negative thoughts and old patterns that do not help you in life. When there is a Full Moon, this is a perfect time to manifest what you want in life. With so much powerful manifesting energy radiating from the Full Moon, you can take some of that energy and create a better tomorrow.

The conversations you have with yourself, especially if they are negative, decide what your future will be like, so let’s get rid of those non-serving thoughts that don’t do us any good.

Full Moon Intentions are also about getting rid of old beliefs and emotions that drag you down in life. If you want to set Powerful Full Moon Intentions, first, you must release old habits and stagnant energy. Once you have done this, you can renew, cleanse and move forward.

How To Manifest Full Moon Intentions

1 ) To Manifest Full Moon Intentions, start by writing down the thoughts that weigh you down. You can scribble them down on a little strip of toilet paper and flush them down the toilet. It is very renewing! Or even write them down on a piece of paper and throw them into the garbage.

2 ) You can breathe, focusing on what you want or desire in life. Daydreaming and Imagination is the optimum way to find out what you want in life.

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How Do I Cleanse For A Full Moon?

Prepare your space so you can manifest your Intention.

It is essential to have a secure space where you won’t be disturbed.

Next, you need to cleanse your space to get rid of the stagnant energy so there are no energy blocks, and you can start manifesting your full moon Intention.

Cleansing is a fun, positive activity! If you have never done this before, it is straightforward. I have often used candles and incense sticks, but you could use smudge sticks, Candles, and Crystals. Some people use charge water by placing crystals around a glass of water, and others use Reiki symbols. Although there are lots more cleansing ideas, these work great!

Cleansing removes any negative energy from your space and opens your area so you can be comfortable when setting your Intention. 

What You Need To Know About Manifesting And Intentions

“The Full Moon supplies you with powerful energy to Set Intentions for Manifestation.”

  • When you put together your Intentions, the first thing to should know is never to intrude on someone else’s free will.
  • It is best to be prepared a couple of days before the full moon when setting your Intention.
  • Remember to write down your Intention-setting manifestation statement in the present tense.
  • Your Intentions need action, which means saying them at least three times a day post-Full Moon for a least a month. 
  • Stay positive: Your thoughts are important, so keep them positive. Try and remove yourself from any negative people during this time. Or create a safe space for you so you may balance your thoughts.
  • If you have something more to add during your Intention setting process, it’s always welcomed. It s lovely to amplify your positivity during the process of manifestation.

Throughout the process, know that you are clearing, and you might feel some sensations that you haven’t ever felt before. Your Intentions under the full moon help free up any blocks you may have, restore your energy and loosen stagnant energy.

How To Write Your Intentions?

I suggest purchasing a notebook or downloading my free Intention Setting Calendar or worksheet. Both work nicely to write down your Intentions.

Imagine what you want that is missing in your life. Now, what do you want that is missing in your life? Something that would improve your happiness and make you feel better.Something that would improve your happiness and so you feel more content. Write your idea down in an Intention statement. For example, I am successful in all that I do. Although we can dream up many things, make sure your Intention is believable to you. Don’t write an Intention that you would not believe and may be unattainable.

You could start with a mini Intention. Here is an example, If you want to live in a house of your own, I have more space to live in instead of (I have a new home). See how it is much more believable to you. Usually, it is just a mindset that needs guidance to believe.

You have to have faith in your Intentions, or it won’t seem to happen for you. When you repeat your Intentions throughout the month, it slowly and gradually gets more real for you.

Also, writing your Intention down gives you more power and brings everything together. Just imagine what your life would look like.

Visualize your Intention, bringing it into the spotlight of your mind.

Remember, the skies are the limit!

 Every day throughout the month, wake up with your Intention.

You can leave a little note beside your bed so when you wake up, you will see it.

I like to write it down several times in a journal or diary. Write it down, or say your intention sentence aloud if you can. You can say it over in your mind again over lunchtime and then again at bedtime. Set a reminder on your phone sticky notes on your fridge.

Hold your Intention close, and it gets more real and believable to you as you go.

The 3 Most Important Things For Intention Setting are Mindset, Belief, Follow Through.

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How To Manifest Full Moon Intentions