How to Set Intentions with Each Moon Phase

How to Set Intentions with Each Moon Phase
How to Set Intentions with Each Moon Phase

The Moon is one of the most fascinating objects in the sky. It has captured our attention for centuries and continues to hold our fascination today. Each Phase of the Moon means something special and affects each of us differently. After all, the Moon is known to shift the ocean’s tides.

While you can Set Intentions with each Moon Phase, the Moon is a powerful force that many cultures around the world have harnessed for centuries. The different phases of this natural satellite can indicate what we need from it at any given moment and how best to use its energy at each stage of our journey through life! Let’s discover the various stages of the Moon and what they mean for you.

What Is The Month Moon Phase?

First, what is the Moon Phase?

Moon Phases are the changed position of the Moon in our sky. The Moon takes about 29 days to orbit our planet. The New Moon occurs about once a month on regular cycles. When we look at the Moon in the evening, it rises from the east and sets in the west. Earth spins and rotates back around once every 24 hours. The position of the Moon shifts with the Earth when they orbit the sun.

We see the Moon from the sun’s reflection. Most times, the Moon passes not in front or behind Earth’s sun but only near it– so there’s no solar eclipse during these periods! The waxing Crescent happens 15 days later.

To start off there are eight Moon Phases the New Moon, The Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter Moon, and Waning Crescent. Every month the cycle replicates once a month.

How Can You Use The Moon’s Phases To Your Advantage?

Did you know that the Moon governs emotions and instincts according to astrology? As the moon orbits around Earth, its position relative to Earth and the sun changes, which causes the different phases of the Moon, and each phase has its own unique energy harnessed for your benefit.

The vibrant energy of the Moon, waxing and waning each month, happens around us, so why not use this force to design the best variations for our lives!

How Can We Use Moon Phases For Better Health

Learn how to Set Intentions with each Moon’s Phase below.

New Moon:

The fresh start, new beginnings

My Intention leads me to ask what’s really wanting deep down inside me right now? Time for starting anew- nothing should be holding you back. With unlimited possibilities at hand, no dream is too big or challenging (or both!) This New Moon brings an opportunity to take stock not just professionally but also personally; where do you want your life headed?

Waxing Crescent:

Stay on track, stay motivated

IntentionI feel the warm embrace of my future.

Know this is a perfect moment to Set Intentions and plan to achieve your goals during each phase of the Moon. Your Intention carries with it all that is good in this world. Look toward improving yourself, and everything around you gets better when you do. A waxing crescent reminds us how close our next full Moon will be; while also serving up some good-hearted advice: “Nurture others.” And when you’re ready (and able), give service without hesitation.

The Moon’s Phases In Order

Moon Phases the New Moon, The Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter Moon, and Waning Crescent

First Quarter:

IntentionMy intentions keep with invigorated

How to Set Intentions with Each Moon Phase
How to Set Intentions with Each Moon Phase

Means to take action, hold tight to your Intention and don’t give up!

The energy of a first-quarter Moon is intense. Smash through any mental blocks you may have. Move forward, and don’t give up until your ideals have been fulfilled or at least discovered. This quarter is all about moving forward with grit to achieve what you want!

Waxing Gibbous:

IntentionI will be still

Patience is key

Patience is critical when working with waxing Gibbous. You need to patiently edit and refine your Intentiontionorder for it to be successful so that the Universe can help you focus on what matters most – yourself. I trust the Universe will help me focus on my Intention and give it all that is needed to take flight!

Purify and push forward. Even in the face of adversity, know that success comes with patience- just keep at it!

What is the Full Moon Phase?

IntentionI have accomplished so much!

Celebrate the full Moon! Harvest time!

The things that have been holding me back from manifesting my Intentiontion released I’m free to move forward and live the life of my dreams!
You deserve it, so take a break from your busy day and treat yourself. The most essential ingredient for any good celebration is happiness.

A Full Moon is a perfect time to recharge your soul and mind. The Full Moon brings out stronger versions of you- both physically and mentally (you’ll be able to think more clearly). This spiritually enlightening event shouldn’t go unnoticed! The Full Moon is an illustrious time in many civilizations across history.

Harvesting your Intentions under a Full Moon can be an opportunity for you to reap what you have sown. The Full Moon is a time when you get to see how much of your hard work has paid off. It’s a great feeling knowing that all those hours spent in labour were worth it, and now you can reap the rewards.

Intend to make Intentions your new habit practices under the full Moon with a candle and write down all of those things you want. Make sure that there is space for some letting go on this list too!

Do You Set Intention On A Full Moon?

When you Set Intentions with each Moon’s Phase, light your candle and make an intention to release what you want under the full Moon! Write down all of your desires, as well as anything that is not serving or benefiting yourself personally (e.g., possessions), Then let it go for better things in return!

Also, this is a perfect time to refresh your soul in your environment and honour and cleanse the tools you use for the full Moon. When the Moon is full, it brings forth whatever feelings or thoughts that are holding you back. The Moon allows for self-purification and healing so you can move forward without looking back on what’s keeping you stuck in life.”

The Moon’s phases and how to Set Intentions with each Moon are great sources of inspiration for many things. People who have the most darkness in their life often feel an intense light when they see this beautiful planet shining high up above them with its hypnotic magnificence, and it is no wonder why!

Waning Gibbous:

IntentionI am doing well at being the best version of myself.

Reflection and Decluttering

With the harvest benefits, I am aware of my connection to everything around me. It is because this awareness has allowed for gratitude and appreciation in every aspect that we can see more clearly as shadows lit by day’s end or a new Moon rises just before sunset – both increasing opportunities for us all!

What is The Last Quarter Moon:

IntentionMy future is bright, and I am grateful.

Release and Forgive

We need to welcome our intentions with open arms and ask for forgiveness when necessary. It’s not easy, but it will eventually lead us in a more fulfilling direction!

The last quarter Moon helps us to clear away what is holding our Intentions back so that they can manifest. What we need now more than ever before are positive energies, so continue to work on your dreams and goals and maintain them diligently with whatever comes up along the way.

Never lose hope even when times seem bleak because there will always be another opportunity ahead of us waiting just around each turn. Keep Setting Intentions with each Moon’s Phase

What is a Waning Crescent Moon: 

IntentionI deserve to be pampered

Rest & reflect

It’s never too late. The Waning Crescent Moon is a time for self-reflection, rest and restoration. We must break free from the bad habits that may have held us back in life. It will be hard work, but if you’re willing, then I promise things can only get better from here on out.”

I hope this helped you understand the Moon phases and the phenomenal power that comes with setting Intentions with each Moon’s Phase to live a great life. When you work with the flow of Moon energies, everything seems to fall in place. When you are opposing it, you are fighting a current of energy you don’t understand, and you stray off course, and life becomes even more challenging. Sign up for a Free Intention Calendar!

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