Learn How To Set An Intention Daily

Learn How To Set An Intention Daily

Learn how to set an Intention daily. It’s simple to do but requires a little bit of work. If you really want your life to turn around for the better, here are some great tips on setting an intention.

Intention Three different ways:

Write it down on a piece of paper and burn it, releasing it to the Universe. This is great for deep-seated intentions. Give it at least seven days before you expect anything to happen because this is when your conscious mind stops interfering so much with what you really want.

Put something out into the Universe by giving it away—this could be an object that represents your Intention or even throwing money into a fountain; give back somehow instead of taking it, if that feels right for you. You can also send your Intention all over the world via email! Just like writing it down and burning it, wait seven days (or longer) after sending it.

Imagine what life would be like if your Intention were already true and decide when you would like to receive your Intention—if you want it in five years’ time, for example, set the Intention now and again and mark the date on a calendar. Now think about all the ways you could make this Intention come true.

Ask yourself right now: “What can I do right now?” Write down as many actions as possible, then look at them and commit to doing one of them today. Keep asking “what else” until you feel stuck or don’t know what more you can do. Put something next to where you’ll see it every day to remind you how important your intentions are each day. We tend to believe that Intention is limited to New Year’s resolutions. But Intention can be set at any time of year. Don’t let the momentum die.

Power Of Intention, Written By Wayne Dyer

This book helped me in so many ways. I hope if you need to understand more about how to live a life you are happy about, you will read this wonderful book.

Learn How To Set An Intention Daily

“When you’re connected to the power of Intention, everywhere you go and everyone you meet is affected by you and the energy you radiate. As you become the power of Intention, you’ll see your dreams being fulfilled almost magically, and you’ll see yourself creating huge ripples in the energy fields of others by your presence and nothing more.”― Wayne W. Dyer.

I thought this quote by Wayne Dyer might give you the inspiration to stick with Your Intentions. Wayne Dyer puts it so simply. Every day you want to tap into YOUR Powerful Intention.  

Have you found your MOMENTS of happiness yet? My Intention for this month is to savour those small moments and feel GRATEFUL. 

What is The Best Way to Set an Intention?

The Best Strategy on how to set an Intention is to practice when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed.

Go over your Intention several times and reflect on it. Remember to keep your Intentions positive. Instead of ‘I will be less stressed,’ change it to “I will be calm OR Every day, my life is getting better.’Keep your Intentions visible. Beside your bed, on a bathroom mirror, or on your phone.

Practice writing your Intentions down. It will open your heart, making your Intention stronger and more authentic.

There is something truly profound and marvellous in that energy! 

FEEL YOUR Intention sinking in, encouraging you to move forward. Your Intentions will help you move to where you want to be in life! Old thinking may bubble up, and you may start to lose faith in yourself.

But don’t despair…

Two steps forward, one step back. 

Know that You are always one step ahead!

What does it mean to set an intention? It means understanding what you love and making it come true for you. Getting lost in your ideas like it is happening right now. Let your passions go wild and Truly feel it. Absorb it. Believe it exists for you. This is what your future looks like for you!

Hang in there and stick with it! Your Future Self will thank you! These Positive thoughts are far more rewarding! We can do this together!

My Journal

Here is one of My Strategies on How to Set an Intention on the left. I write my Intention for the upcoming month in my journal at the end of each month. It is also beneficial to write it down in your Intention Calendar. As you can see, I like to doodle – it helps me with my thoughts.

Every Positive Intention that you set eventually extends to others. What an excellent idea for increasing positivity in the world! Each of us is striving to be better, despite all the uncertainty today! The Best Strategy on how to set an Intention today is to Download the 2023 Intention Calendar. You can get it here. Good luck, and keep up with it! 

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