My Life Path Number Does Not Describe Me

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My Life Path Number Does Not Describe Me

Why Does My Life Path Number does not describe me? Your life path number as it relates to Numerology is the essence of you.

It’s how you understand your Life Purpose while you’re living on this earth. Often we feel empty, and we don’t know why and how and what we’re doing here on earth. It would be best to have some guidance, and numerology is the perfect guide to help you.

We have some quirks and unique talents, and these are the ways we navigate in life. When we come up to obstacles, it’s how we master and learn. Quite often, it’s to evolve to be who we want to be. The Life Path Number indicates what we’re here to do and shows us how to develop, grow, and be happy.

My Life Path Number Does Not Describe Me

If you are living a life to please everyone else, you are probably not entirely happy. Consequently, you are probably living your life conforming to what your parents or somebody else wants you to be and expects from you.

Often we follow in our parent’s footsteps in the family business or what our parents think we should become. Nevertheless, it is not in line with who we are and where we want to go in life.

Circumstances like this are the main reason why you may not feel like your Life Path number. It’s important to note that each life path has a lesson encompassed in it.

But first, let’s try to understand how to calculate our life path number. And then, we will look at why your life path number does not describe you as the way you see yourself. It’s really very simple to calculate. Life path number is calculated from your birthday the day you were born.

How To Calculate Your Life Path Number

To calculate your life path, you need to take e your date at Birth. Let us take the example of May 24, 1999.

So may is the 5th month.


24 is the day of the month so that it will look like this in calculations

2 + 4 = 6

Then we look at the year

1 + 9 + 9+ 9 = 28

2 + 8 = 10 1 + 0 = 1

5 + 6 + 1 = 12

1 + 2 = 3

Life path number is 3

Life Path Number 3 is playful, creative and artistic, lucky

Life Path 5
Life Path 6

 7 Numerology
Life Path 8
My Life Path Number Does Not Describe Me

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