Setting An Intention For The Month

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Setting an Intention for the day is what makes life better! When you spend time setting an Intention each day, you need to stick with it for the rest of the month. Intentions can be anything from taking care of yourself more, spending quality time with family and friends, or setting goals for your future. The best part about this daily ritual is it frees you from your unrelenting thoughts!

Intentions are all about creating positivity in your life. However, they dont have to be limited to the month but can last a lifetime if you want them to. It puts you in touch with your divine self and what you need to do to live a life filled with abundance.

Intentions help eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with more productive, happy ideas. If you like, you can sign up and download below for our Intention calendar, a place where you can keep track of your thoughts and feelings when you write down your Daily Intention. It is exciting to look back at what you have achieved and create some magic for a better life!

Setting an Intention For the DayI

The Dos And Don’ts To Writing Intentions?

Intentions keep your goals on track and build to last a lifetime. Here are some things to avoid when writing Intentions that will help you mentally prepare yourself for what lies ahead while still allowing room for new Intentions to be set.

  • Always start with gratitude
  • Write down only what you want, not what others want for you.
  • Write in the present tense like it is happening at this moment.
  • Avoid using negative words like ‘can’t. ‘
  • Make sure it is an Intention that you can believe
  • Focus on how your feelings deep inside

How Do You Write A Daily Intention?

First, while you write your Daily Intention, find the time when you won’t feel rushed or be disturbed. It’s essential to have a peaceful place, so you can really focus on the process of what you want or need in your life to make a change for the better.

The best time to do this is the start of the day, first thing in the morning. A fresh start every morning is not only a good start but makes the rest of your day so much better. You are vibing in the flow of life, everything going your way.

Surely, it is more impacting if you can internalize your Intentions, visualizing and expressing yourself within your Intention. Whatever your Intention may hold, the process of encompassing gives your Intention more power. And remember, always keep it positive. If you feel in a bad mood, sometimes your Intention can turn your spirit around.

Keep a reminder in your wallet, on your phone, in your pocket, write little notes around your house, in your car, someplace where you will see it. I use sticky notes to help me stay in the Intention zone.

Furthermore, you might want to keep a journal so you can write about how you feel and what emotions are coming up when you say your Intention throughout the day.

Hold on to who you are, stay true to yourself. Make sure when you go over your Intentions, say it out loud! It is fun when you can organize it into a rap or rhyme.

What Should My Intention Be?

What should My Intention be? Something that inspires you to live better throughout the month. Intentions can be applied to almost anything you do during the day, including work and exercise routines. Intentions set for work make it easier to approach your job with a positive mindset, while Intentions for exercise keep you motivated throughout what may already be a difficult task(s).

The first step is always the Intention setting which empowers you to modify your thoughts from negative to positive. An Intention statement should not sound like a demand rather an overall aim that needs to be realized.

Daily Intentions to Set 

  • I know that I am enough.
  • I will be brave today. 
  • Intend to give my all today
  • I am beautiful and important
  • I will feed my body wholesome and nutritious food
  • Plan to smile and have fun today.

Setting an Intention starts the moment you wake up. If you are tired of your present life, start your day with your personalized plan to help make your days happier. Write down what you want first thing in the morning. Carry your Intention with you throughout the day and say it aloud before your head hits the pillow. With your conscious Intentions, you will experience better days and a happier tomorrow.

Intentions are a way to connect with your inner self and create an intentional life. They help you stay on track during the year, guiding you when things can feel overwhelming or confusing. If this sounds like something that would be beneficial for you, you can Sign up for a free Intention Calendar today! Intention Calendars for 2022 are coming soon!
How do you feel about setting an intention every month? Share your best ideas in the comments below!

Setting An Intention For The Day

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