What is Intention Setting?

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Why Setting an Intention in the Beginning of each month is Important
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What is Intention Setting, and if you work on it each day, is it important and beneficial to your life? Did you know establishing a definite, uplifting plan and focusing your attention on what you want will change everything? The truth is Setting Intentions every month will change your life!

Your Intention Setting Statement must be impactful and focused on what you want. Every time you say it, you should feel a crazy, happy feeling inside!

Moreover, I have been setting intentions for a couple of years now, and it makes me feel good when I see results from the Intention I send out.

Often if we feel down, it’s because something in our life is not going right. Maybe you are feeling lost or confused, or misplaced in your life. I’d like you to try this for a month, stating what you want and going over it three times a day so it is solidified in your mind.

Here Is A Great Book By Wayne Dyer To Help Guide You With Your Intentions! I have it on Audible as well as Paperback.

It’s tough to go on every day when you feel unhappy with your circumstances. We go about our lives not knowing that there is a simple solution. Change the narrative. Change your mind about your situation with a few positive, intentional words. 

I’ve researched intention setting for a long time, and if you want to know more, you can read more here: The Best Approach to Intention Setting in 2023!

Thereby, let this year count! Take your dreams and make them come true. How do you do this? You set an intention right now and execute it throughout the rest of the month. As a result, the months ahead will present 2020 as the best year ever!

How Do I Set an Intention for the Day?

Why Setting an Intention in the Beginning of each month is Important

Indeed, the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning thinks of what you really want and focus on it. In about a sentence or two, write your intention down. Concentrate on what you want, and intuitively, you will feel a conviction to complete tasks related to your intention. This is why Living with Intention is much fun!

” I don’t have any control over what actually happens except for that I have full control over my will for myself, my intention, and why I’m there. That’s all that matters.” SZA

The most comprehensive thing you could do is write it down several times in the morning. Feel it and welcome the emotion in every part of your body. You may even notice goosebumps! You can also record it in your calendar or Intention Calendar!
Why not put it on your fridge or write it on your bathroom mirror, so you see it every time you walk in the bathroom. It will make you smile every time you think of it or read it. Why? Because this is what you want. This is what you have craved for so long. Now, you are making it come true.

What is a Good Intention Setting Exercises?

Be absolute if you are serious about setting intentions, and you want them to stick. Here are the steps to get you started.
A couple of weeks before the start of each month, have some idea of what intention is best for you and write it down in your Intention Calendar. You could use a planner or regular calendar too.

At the start of the month, setting an intention at the beginning of each month is essential.
Writing your intentions down several times a day is paramount. Recognize all the critical emotions in each of the words you wrote.
My intention for this month coming up is… I am living in the now and am pleasing to myself and the people around me.

Given these points, you internalize your intention statement by repeating it out loud 10 times before getting out of bed.
Immediately after, you write it down 10 times again, sensing the emotion, and then get on with your day. Throughout the day, at least three times, concentrate your attention on your intention. ~ I usually do this more than three times a day. However, if you do this at least three times, it will stick.

Throughout the month, stay with your intention and hold on to it tight. You will find it is the most favourite thing in your day, as it brings on such powerful emotions.

What does it mean to Set an Intention for the Year?

Overall, setting an intention is the best thing to do at the beginning of each month. It’s like you turned the page, adding a new and exciting dimension to your life.
Though, your intention from the month before still lingers beautifully in the background, still intensely making your life better. Your monthly intentions are still there in the back of your mind, always guiding you.

When you set an intention for the year, this is a significant opportunity that involves many aspects of myself that help me grow throughout the months. However, I still have my monthly intentions, that stay with me every day.

Truly, what does it mean to Set an Intention? To set an intention for the year is somewhat like making a New Year’s Resolution. 

Consequently, My intention this year is… I will be fitter and eat healthier in 2020. So my monthly intentions would all be moving towards that one particular goal.

It is important to realize this with your yearly intention journal or Intention calendar as a guide. It’s easy to see where you are going throughout the year.

What are Some Intentions Setting Activities?

Intention setting can involve many enjoyable activities. One activity that works is speaking affirmations. Affirmations are small phrases that help you affirm what you want. For example, if my intention is, I will be kinder. An affirmation statement could be, that I am generous, helpful, and a good listener.

Meditation is another exercise you can do when designing your intention. Often mantras with meditation are helpful. A mantra can be said over and over again and helps to clear your mind. Repeating mantras affirmations or intentions guides you that much closer to feeling better.

Nevertheless, when you state your intention during a full moon, it is a lovely powerful ritual. Find a quiet spot in your house or outdoors on the patio and meditate with the full moon. The energy of the moon is compelling when you are trying to make conscious changes to your life.

Intention Calendar is the Best Guide to Setting Intentions

If you look at your life and see things that aren’t working, maybe it is time for you to start to set an intention. Setting intentions can change your life quickly, day by day. What is it that you really love to do? Where do you want to be in life? Or who do you want to be with? Set an intention that would be easy for you to remember.

Given these points, make sure it is not too long and that it resonates with you and makes you feel good. If this is something you really want, you will notice that it won’t be hard to reach for your intention throughout the day. That’s why I believe setting an intention at the beginning of each month is Important?

Remember, it truly has to come from somewhere deep down in your soul when you make an intention. It isn’t a wish; it is a profound statement that resonates inside. So when you set your intentions, recognize that it is personal. Your intentional plans should be satisfying for you.

Good luck, and I hope you found this helpful. If you liked this article, share it with your friends!

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