The Best Approach to Intention Setting in 2020

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Did you know that creating a new Intention each month is the best approach to Intention Setting in 2020! Of course, you need to make sure they are helpful intentions, and you will benefit from them.

How do we set an intention? It’s simple. We stop focusing on what we don’t want and instead focus on what we want. Start by evaluating your present situation, and if you are unhappy, set a helpful, uplifting phrase, about four or five words. The sentence should make you feel good inside and transform your negative thought patterns for the better. By changing the way we see our current circumstances, we slowly improve our situation and our life. Here is an excellent example of how it happened in my life.

” Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer

In my twenties, I lived my life without really thinking about intentions and whether I needed to focus on anything in particular. I did what I wanted. I guess I already had it covered, and I was living in The Positive Intention Zone. I was embracing all the world had to offer me! I was happy, and my life was great!

I got married and had three Awesome Kids. I had always dreamed of having a family!
Although years passed, and as my kids got older, I was confused about what I wanted. I felt like I had no purpose — and I felt a little lost inside.
I guess you could say I was depressed. Every attempt to make it better failed. Nothing seemed to be working out for me. The harder I tried to be happy, the worse I felt. My life seemed to be backfiring.

What Does It Mean To Set An Intention?

One day I picked up a book that changed my life. The book was about thoughts and manifesting and the power of Intention. I hadn’t heard anything like that before.

After reading this amazing book, I realized I felt stuck and it was my negative mindset. In other words, I just needed to work on getting back to better thoughts. I needed to get back to focusing on what I wanted in life again.

So, I followed the book and started setting my Intentions for each month.
The first month of setting a positive Intention was in June. As the month went on, I felt better, and by the end of the month, I could feel my old self coming back.
My Intention was — To be more present in my life. Every time I felt depressed, I would read my Intention for the month.

When I struggled, I had my Intention. When I was confused, I turned to my Intention. And when I was lost, my Intention found me. It was the beautiful, positive energy of my Intention that kept me going.

I felt empowered, knowing I had my Intention statement to lean on. Since that day in June, setting my Intention at the beginning of every month has become a habit.

Approach Intention Setting in 2020 with a positive mindset. This is an an excellent way to explore the power of Intention and how they work in your life.

How Setting Intentions Helps you Feel Better?

Whenever I thought about my Intention, I said it over and over again. Throughout the process, amazing things started happening! I began to feel better! After only three weeks, I noticed a profound difference in my circumstances, and I felt a lot happier.
I had a renewed sense of confident! I felt like I was back in the zone.

It is essential to realize your new uplifting, Intentions, help your mind, body and soul. You are expressing a statement that makes you feel more entitled to see life the way you desire. Following specific Intentions is the best approach to Intention Setting this year in 2020 and will help you feel better.

After all, I was feeling better! I concluded that thoughts are quite powerful, and the energy of those thoughts manifested in incredible ways!

I realized, when I started to see results, a force beyond what I understood was operating, and it was working for me with my Intention.

I invite you to try Intention Setting so you can experience the power within you. Not only can you live a life that you love, but you have control of what you create

Intention setting 2020
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Here is a Step-by-Step Process to Intention Setting

Intention setting will help you feel better. Now is the time to get rid of the old and insert something new! You know when its time to change when toxic thoughts are running through your mind and not benefiting you. Change these thoughts to better ones with new Intentions.

You may be wondering, ‘I know what I don’t like in my life, but how do I change it? What does Intention Setting entail?

First, ask yourself what matters most to you right now? What do you need to change in your life right now? What is the most useful self-serving statement to help you move forward to get you unstuck?

Then decide what you want in your life. A cleaner house, a better job, a new car, better concentration, a better work-out, whatever resonates with you.

With this in mind, think about a few words that would help you get there. For example, for a cleaner house your intention setting statement could be, I am organized.

Equally important, write it down on the first of the month in your planner or if you like you can Download a Free Intention Calendar to Print Here. Record it in your phone in reminders. Put it somewhere where you can see it every day. Better yet, write it down several times in the day. Memorize it until it is in every cell of your Being.

It is very important to focus your attention on it several times a day.

To be clear, an Intention is a written expressed statement of what you want to appear in your life. Decide what you want in your life, set your Intention, write it down, focus your attention on it several times a day. Follow this best approach to Intention Setting in 2020 and watch your dreams come true.

Three Simple Intention Setting Exercises that Will Help You

Intention Setting is not wishing but intending to move to that place that you see yourself happiest. With this in mind, I feel this is the best approach to Intention Setting in 2020.

“The Universe likes to create, to manifest, to experience the play of form. That’s one movement. And you can see it in yourself, at some level.”

Eckhart Tolle

Close your eyes, stay grounded and think with your heart. Let your heart feel your Intention. Your heart is where it all happens. Say the words and let your heart lead the way.

Breathe and sit still for a moment. Be present and notice the feelings inside you. If the emotions right, this is a great beginning.

Use your imagination, let your mind flow with this new Intention and see where it takes you, what ideas come to mind within your Intention. I know when I imagined one of my intentions was to eat better wholesome foods. Suddenly I saw a healthier me. That was empowering for sure.

It’s proven, when your life gets better, it expands to the people around you and can only have a positive affect.

Intentions Setting Rituals for Manifestation

The Best Approach to Intention Setting in 2020

There are different Intention Setting Rituals that people all over the world perform. Some people state their Intentions at a particular moon phase.

Others believe cleansing their space and lighting candles works to help them stay engaged.

There are loads of people who believe meditation works to keep them connected as well as many who may even use crystals to cleanse to create their sacred Intention Setting space. 

While this may all seem confusing, creating your Intention statement from your heart is just as effective.

Of course, it up to you and what resonates best. When you approach Intention Setting, it will blend with who you are — your personality.

When you write your Intention down, focus on your heart. Say it out loud and listen to your voice as you speak it. How does it make you feel? What emotions do you feel when you say it? If you feel good, your heart is telling you yes! If you feel a strong sense of happiness and excitement, it is an excellent intention.

How to Set an Intention for Manifestation

Here are three Intentions statements that are empowering.

If you cant think of anything for this month, here are three to help you move forward to feeling better.

Love yourself – Smile more
Love Your Neighbour – Give more and be kinder
Planet care – Love your planet

Don’t forget to write your Intention down several times a day! It will make you feel good, and your Intention feels that much more real.
Understand that when you write something down, a magic happens.
A remembrance within you that makes it more real, more solid in your mind to remember.

And, saying it out loud is powerful as well. Hearing your voice saying it over again helps to keep it in your thoughts throughout the day.

Writing it down several times and saying it out loud compounds the statement’s meaning. Not only does it help you to recall the statement, but it also contributes more to understanding each word as you write and say it aloud.

You will find when you write down your Intention Statement and say it daily; this new routine is pleasing to your Being. Maybe you might want to Download an Intention Calendar to keep you accountable. It free to download and print!

Is Intention Setting the Same as Affirmations?

Affirmations are quite similar to Intentions, but I see them as subcategories to help the Intention move faster.

In order to watch your life transform faster, use your affirmations with your Intentions, and repeat them throughout the day.

For example, the Intention Statement – Love Yourself,
Then again would use affirmations:
I have a beautiful smile. I am smart, and I am creative.

While you want to set an Intention for each month, it can be rewarding for months after. Hence , throughout the months, your Intentions become stronger and each ingrained in your mind. You barely have to think about your Intention, is now automated for you.

After all, what better place for it then tucked securely in your mind so you can manifest your dreams.

Setting Intentions for the New Year Each Month

Get yourself a calendar or Journal to set your Intention daily. A Calendar that you can write in helps you see your Intention every morning, middle of the day, and before you lay your head down to sleep. These repeated daily Intentions are powerful in there reciting and writing down over and over again.

With this in mind, you need to make a new intention each month and follow the same idea as the previous month. If you start at the beginning of each year and build a list of 12 Intentions, you are all set to begin your journey with Intentions. This is by far the best approach to Intention Setting in 2020!

Mark on for each month in your calendar your Intention and stay accountable. You can always change your Intentions too if they don’t resonate with you that month.

Above all, you will notice after thirty days of setting your Intention daily, it feels in harmony with who you are. The exciting thing is, this is what you ask for; this is what you want to change for yourself! Indeed this is what will be!

I hope you now understand how important your thoughts are! If you would like a Downloadable Intention Calendar, you can download one here! Just watch as this year becomes better than the last year.

the best approach to Intention Setting in 2020

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